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New Ways to Explore Books on BookLikes


Now you can discover books that people on BookLikes are talking about, reviewing and shelving. The BookLikes Book Catalog is open!



The entrance to the Book Catalog is in the main menu, just under the Explore. Our new page presents recent book activities and bookshelf updates of BookLikes Community and your friends.


Explore books



We’ve listed several discovery paths which include the most recent updates in the following areas:


  • recently added reviews
  • new books added to your bookshelves
  • most popular and looked up books
  • top wish-listed titles
  • what’s on your currently reading shelves right now
  • the highest rated books by people you follow


Explore books




You can look the books up in the particular categories listed on the left, to view more categories, click see more


Book Catalog


The next steps include adding new book discovery paths, like presenting all book lists in a given category, new releases, and more.


Let us know in the comments below what kind of discovery paths would you like to follow :-)

Add Re-Read Dates to Your Books on BookLikes


It’s time to re-read some books! Now you can add as many read dates to your books as your wish. What’s more, your BookLikes Reading Challenge will include the re-read titles, and your reading history will be presented on a book page and on your shelf. 



Read dates can be added in +Shelf advanced and in your shelf table view.




To add more dates, click add a new date, insert the started and finished reading dates and Save.




The book on your Shelf will receive a re-read icon. Once you press it, you’ll see all your dates, you can easily update them and add new ones. 




You can view your reading history in the Shelf table view and on the book page. The books with multiple read dates will be also counted to your BookLikes Reading Challenge. 




P.S. The following card seems to be perfect for today's release :) Let's do it!

Write a Book Review from Your BookLikes Shelf


When it’s time for a book review start writing it from your Shelf! We’ve added a shortcut for writing the book review in your Shelf table view.


Now when you click add review in the My Review column in the table view you’ll see all writing post options.


Bookshelf Table View



When you choose a post type, you’ll be moved to a writing box; the book cover and your rating stars will be attached. This will help you to plan and manage your book reviews on your BookLikes webpage. 


Write a book review





Following your request we've updated the book popup on Dashboard. Now the book window will be visible once you click on the book cover; this update will be visible both on your computers, and the mobile devices. 

 Add a book to your bookshelf



This will help you to add a book to your bookshelf (+Shelf, advanced options) and write a post (+Post), you can also go straight to a book page where you can view community reviews and bloggers who have already shelved the book. 


Book page




photo source: via

How to Write a Review With a Book From Your Bookshelf

A search from your bookshelf option is back. Now while writing a post you can easily find a book from your shelf and attach it to your review, and any other kind of a post. 


Choose a post template: text, photo, quote, link, url, and go to a writing box. Use a search box, and write a book title or author. If you want to check whether a given title is on your Shelf, press Search o my shelf on the right.


In the search on my shelf option, use a book title OR author's name to find a shelved book. 


If the title is on your shelf, you'll be given a book edition straight from your shelf as a search result. The green marker on the left indicates that this book edition is on your shelf. 



Click the book and start writing :) The book review will be attached to the edition on your shelf, and the link to your review will be added to your shelf table view. You can attach 10 books to a single post.




You can also write a post straight from your Shelf. Hover over the book cover, click +Post and choose a post type. 


New Ways to Reach Books and the BookLikes Team


We've prepared three updates today. And all of them consider books. Firstly, we've added a new way to display the book window with +Shelf and +Post options. Secondly, you can go to a book page from two places. Finally, you can easily reach the BookLikes team and send us a book info report. 



1. To add a book to your bookshelf, hover over the book cover. 



Once you hover mouse over the image, the book window with all shelving options will appear:


If you still don't see a book window when you hover over the cover, please refresh the page or clear your cache memory.



2. Now you can go to a book page from two spots:


  1. book window - click Book page in a book window;
  2. by clicking the book cover -- when you click the cover (on Dashboard, your Shelf, Blog) you'll be moved to a book page of this edition.




3. This leads us to the final update: the book info report visible on BookLikes' book pages.



The Book Info Report button will allow you to reach our team and inform us what information should be updated on the book page. 




If you notice that a book needs to be fixed or updated, please click Report, choose one of the possible options and send it to us. You can also add additional information in the comment box, e.g. a link to other editions (if the book needs to be combined). We'll sort out all the issues.




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Advanced Shelving on the Book Pages and How to Change the Book Edition on your Shelf



The +Shelf button has received the Advanced option with all the shelving possibilities. You can also change the editions of your titles on your Shelf. 


All book windows have received a new look and advanced shelving options. To view all the options, click +Shelf and select Advanced at the bottom.


add to bookshelf


Then you'll be able to use all available options for the particular status: Read (reading dates and rating stars), Currently Reading (reading dates and progress), Planning to Read.


You can also edit/add shelves and new reading statuses, and add a private note. Additionally, you can shelve the book on a wishlist, as a favorite and private (the book will be visible only to you). Remember to Save all the changes. 


add to bookshelf




If you notice that there is a wrong edition on your Shelf, you can change it. Go to the Goodies Edition Change tab where you'll see a list of your books.


The entrance to Edition Change tool is on the Goodies page and on the Shelf Settings page.


bookshelf settings


Use a search box to find a desirable title, click Change, write the title and select the book.


book editions



Once you select the title, you'll see available editions. Choose a desirable book edition. When you accept the change the book will be updated on your Shelf and in your posts and reviews.


book editions


The Edition Change tool works only for books on your Shelf.



If you want to add a new book to your bookshelf, use the upper search box and add a book via book window or a book page. To search other editions, use ISBN or go to Other Editions page on the books page. 


book editions


If you notice that a book needs to be fixed, updated or combined, please do let us know at a special book fix email: 

New on Book Pages: Community Reviews and Who Shelved the Book

Book Reviews

New things have just popped up on the BookLikes book pages. Now you can look through BookLikes Community reviews and discover who has added the book to the bookshelf. 


To view the reviews, please go to a Book Page and click Community Reviews headline. 




Then you'll be moved to the BL Community Review page where you can sort the book reviews by the publish date, the rating stars, the popularity, and the language. 


Book Reviews



When you go back to the Book Page, you'll see a new box on the right. It's titled On shelves and presents the BookLikes bloggers who have shelved the book. Click the box's heading to see all people who read, are currently reading or are planning to read this title. It's also a great way to discover other bloggers and meet the readers with a similar reading taste. 


Book on shelves


Updates & Tips


- We've updated the sort by author option on your shelves. The sorting works by last name of the first author. 


- We're working now on tools which will help you to switch a book on your shelf to a desirable edition. The works on the book moderators features are also in progress. Thank you for your patience and contribution, and sorry for any book troubles.


We're open 24/7 and ready to help you out with all kinds of issue. If you notice that a book needs to be fixed or combined, please do let us know at a special book fix mail:


You can also use the Need help box on the left (we receive and answer to all the messages), or leave a note is the discussion room: Database Errors


Please address all the messages concerning the book database to the email or choose one of the other mentioned places. It will help us a lot. Thank you. 


You can also contact our Team with any general questions and suggestions at

Happy Friday the 13th! Meet Good Luck Black Cats

It's Friday the 13th! Again! It's perfect time to remind you good luck black cats :)


Whether you believe in Friday 13th bad luck or not, we wish you all the best and all the luck. Btw, we think the superstition about the bad luck black cats was made up by the white cats' gang. Just look at those pics!


Stamp your feet via Lenore on BookLikes 


Reading lesson via Lenore on BookLikes 


The Sleepyhead via Tina Sandevska on BookLikes


Smart one via


Just sitting via 



and sitting via


and still sitting via


Come, sit by via


Mark Twain’s vintage cat Bambino via


Lucky 13 via


Comma cat via Tina Sandevska on BookLikes 



And if you wish to read some cat books have a look at the collection of several reads featuring cats found by Kagama -The Literaturevixen.




Happy Friday the 13th and good luck! ;-)


P.S. Watch out! Zombie kittens are waiting. 

furry zombies via Musings of NerdyNatasha on BookLikes 



Originally posted on BookLikes Blog: December 13, 2013, updated June 13, 2014. 

New Bookshelf on BookLikes - Your Shelf from A to Z


It's Shelf Time! The makeover on BookLikes is still on. It's time for your shelves.  


Your main Shelf Page has just received a new look. Don't worry, all the shelf options are there, it's also a good timing to remind all the shelf features on BookLikes. Please have a look at the know-how and the shelf tips below. 



1 - Add a new shelf - this option is placed on the top, next to the book count. Press the button, write a shelf name and press enter. Your new shelf will be added. You can also set it as as exclusive status, then it will be added under other statuses: Read, Planning to read and Currently reading.


2 - A Shelf search - Now you can search your shelf not only in the table view but also in the cover view. 


3 - Sort by option for your books - choose how to view your books. You can choose the default vie in the Shelf Settings (number 8). The default view is visible for you and your blog guests. 


4 - Your private notes - find books with your private notes. Additionally, the book with a private note receives a note dot under the cover. 


5 - Shelve it! button - a feature that helps you shelving new books from other webpages (e.g. Amazon book pages and GR). 


6 and 7 - Cover view and Table view for your Shelf - you can change that as you wish, to set a default Shelf view, go to Shelf Settings (number 8). 


8 - Shelf Settings - This is the place to manage your shelves, statuses and sorting options, have a look at available options below. 



There's quite a lot of things to do in here:


a - Add shelf; add new shelf, you can also set the shelf as an exclusive status;


b - Choose the default shelves order - alphabetical or manual (then you can decide which of your shelves should be on top);


c - Choose Shelf Page view - the cover view or the table view; 


d - The Book order - how books on your shelf should be presented (this is how you and your blog guest will see the books on your shelf);


e - Rename - change the name of your shelf;


f - Position - if you wish to set your shelves manually, you can choose its position (write number or use drag and drop);


g - Set an existing shelf as an exclusive status;


h - Delete the shelf.


Remember to Save all the changes in the particular sections to make all the updates visible on your Shelf page. 



The Table Shelf View options remain the same and the change is only slight. See what you can do with your book in the shelf table view below. 



i - select one or several books, this will activate the option on the top of the table vie (k, l, m);


j - select all the books - you can select all the books visible on this shelf page;


k - add to shelves - add selected book(s) to shelf/shelves;


l - take books off the selected shelf - choose a shelf, select the books and take them off the chosen shelf; the books will stay on your Shelf Page, only the shelves they are on will be changed;


m - delete books from your shelf - select book(s) and delete them from your shelf page; even if you delete the books from the Shelf, the review attached to this book will remain on your blog;


n - choose how many books per page in the table view to see;


o - sort by options; cover - see book without a cover and add missing images to green books; Title/Author - alphabetical order; Ratings - according to your rating stars; My review - books with/without a review; Date Read - finished reading date;


p - add rating stars to your books;


q - add review, see review or edit review; the options depends whether the review is attached or not; 


r - edit shelves for a given book; click Edit in the Shelves column;


s - add the finished reading date; only books with filled out Read Date count to your reading challenge; 


t - delete a book from your shelf. 



Updates & Tips


Recently we've done the updates to the writing box, the one where you create your reviews and posts. Sorry for any confusions or troubles. The formatting tools should be on the top of the box, if you still can't see them, please refresh the page to make your browser see all our changes. The new tool bar look like this:



Some options have also changed, for example the way to set a position for a photo in your post - to set a picture use the align options. Please add photo to your post as usual and follow the steps below.




photo source: via

Book Pages With Other Editions

Book pages

The Book pages have been released recently and now we’re happy to present the new features on BookLikes which will improve the process of book shelving and reviewing. Today we’ve added the Other Editions page where you can find a desirable book edition, add it to your bookshelf and write a post straight from the editions page.


To enter the Other Editions page, go to a book page and click the Other Editions headline on the right.


Book page



The Other Editions Page allows you to choose which editions to shelve (you can choose more than one) and write a post straight from the other editions page. 


Book Editions


To remove a given edition from your Shelf, go to a Book Page, click the cover and choose "Remove from Shelf", then go to the Other Editions page and choose a desirable book edition. The "Remove from Shelf" option will be also available on the Other Editions pages shortly.



If the edition isn't there, you can add one. To add new edition to a given title click "Add new editions" on the Other Editions page.


Add new edition



Important update: The Other Editions page is excellent for shelving new books or changing the book edition on your shelf but it will not switch the book edition in your review.


However, we're in the middle of works on a tool which will help you to change the edition both on your shelf and in the blog review that got mixed up during the most recent redesign. Sorry for any inconvenience, we'll release it as soon as possible, really really soon.





1. Tags

To search posts published by other BookLikes members and via Tags, use the search box on the top. Choose Tags in the search results box:




or on the search result page:




And discover posts by BookLikes Community with a given tag:


Posts with tag



2. Missing covers & more updates

You can add the missing book covers to the books with the green covers. The ability to change the existing cover image will be added along with the book moderators options. 


We're improving BL book database all the time, adding new book covers and new editions. Here are some of the upcoming new options that we're working on: 


- advanced shelving options on book pages;

- BookLikes Community reviews page;

- book moderators and book info edition;


and more so stay tuned :)

Add New Books on BookLikes


More new is coming. After our most recent makeover, it's time for new books. If you wish to add new book editions, fanficion papers, ARCs, brand new reads, new and upcoming releases, now you can.

Brand new "Add new book" option allows all BookLikes members to add new books to BookLikes' book database. Make sure that a given edition or title isn't already on BookLikes before adding a new one - you can do that by inserting a given edition's ISBN into the search box. Let's make the BookLikes Blog Catalog full, neat and well organized.

To add new book entry please click Add new book in the book search box and on the book pages and fill up the form. Make sure to provide us with the verified and authentic information. Additionally, the new entries will be evaluated by book moderators (coming soon) and BookLikes staff and will receive a check mark.


Remember to fill up all data, including link source i.e. a link that will verify that a given book is on the market or will be soon. This will help us to check all book information and create the best and the biggest multilingual book database. 



P.S. BookLikes is at BEA 2014! If you're in NY come to Digital DIscovery Zone booth DZ2261 and say hello :)


BookLikes is Happy to Introduce its New Look and Multilingual Book Database




We’re happy to announce that the new look and new books are finally here. Are you ready for the details and for rediscovering BookLikes?


We've pointed out the new options to make everything clear. Changes have been made in several areas: book search and books in general, the look, layout, and navigation.



Book Search


1. You can search all books available on BookLikes via the search box on the top of your Dashboard.



2. You can choose the search language (the language for book catalogs) in Settings/General. Then you'll look through the books in a given language version.


3. When you type a title, author, or ISBN in the search box you’ll be moved to the book search results page where you can use a Quick Add to Shelf and Quick Post option.



4. If you don't find the book, you can search for the title in a different language. You can choose between 8 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, or Dutch.


5. To find a given format, type the ISBN or ASIN number in the book-search box.


6. The search box works as a tag search--just choose books or tags in the search results.


Upcoming: more book language catalogs.

Book Pages


1. Book Pages present a given title, editions, most recent reviews by BookLikes Community, reviews from people you follow on BookLikes and your private notes.



2. To go to the book page of a given title click the book cover and “Book Page”.


3. The majority of book editions are joined together, you can look through other editions of a given title in the Other Editions box on book pages on the right.


Upcoming:  The page of Other Editions (with info on format and language) with Quick Add to Shelf and Quick Post option.

 Advanced shelving options.

 All BookLikes Community reviews.

 Book moderators to edit, combine, and add book information.





1. The dashboard received a renewed look with easy to follow navigation; the new menu is on the left.


2. The Menu presents all BookLikes options:

  •    - personal: Dashboard, Blog, Shelf and Timeline;

  •    - community: Explore, Discussions, Friends;

  •    - extras: Giveaways, Daily Deals, Goodies with widgets and reading challenge;

  •    - set up: settings.



3. Messages and notifications have a shared place on the top, next to the menu.


4. Reading Challenge has been moved to the top so now it’s really easy to follow your reading progress. To see you Challenge books, click the Reading Challenge title.


Upcoming: New book-related and community-related dashboard features.



New look


As you can see, BookLikes has received a new look. All its places and pages have been redone and given a fresh touch. We believe this change makes BookLikes' layout simpler, brighter, and cleaner. You'll probably need several minutes to get used to it, but we must say we're very happy with the outcome. We hope you'll love it too.


Upcoming: more renewed looks.




Important: Your books, reviews and posts should be just fine and in the right place. However, due to big changes to book database and all book-related options on BookLikes, some minor changes on your shelves are possible (e.g. book covers and editions).


We did all to make this big change as smooth as possible and we’re sorry if we messed your books in any way. We hope that today’s new book options and the upcoming features will sugar the pill of any potential problematic matters.  


All options except one stay active on BookLikes. Due to changes to book database we temporarily turned off affiliate programs which will come alive soon with better usability.


We'll continue to make BookLikes special for all book lovers and we’re looking forward to the upcoming changes and new possibilities. We have more to show & reveal. Oh yes, we do :)

If you have any questions or want to give us with feedback, mail us any time at

Announcement: New Is Coming & BookLikes Down For Maintenance Next Thursday


New is coming to BookLikes and it's something big. No, it's huge. 


We’re working hard on new BookLikes' features and little makeover but we need a few more days to polish them up. We want to present extraordinary, not only ordinary so we decided to postpone today’s release until next Thursday.


Sorry for this delay. We promise it's worth it.


We have another important announcement: 

Due to big upcoming changes BookLikes will be down for maintenance for several hours next Thursday (May 22). Just wanted to give you heads up and let you know that all your books and reviews will be safe and sound. We'll be back looking fresh and with new books to shelve. 



In the meantime we remind you that you can meet BookLikes Team on Book Expo America 2014 :)


If you wish to say hello, have a small talk and exchange smiles and hugs with us come to Javits Center, New York. 


Here's our schedule & where you can find us:

  • May 28, 10:15 - BookLikes will be attending BEA Bloggers Conference session: Design 201: Taking your Blog to the Next Level;
  • May 29 - May 31 - Visit our booth at Digital Discover Zone, we'll be at booth no. DZ2261.

Add Private Notes to Your Books

Private notes

With private notes your books on your BookLikes Shelf get more personal than ever. 


You can add your private notes to all your books from your shelf and blog view, just click the cover on your Shelf or in your blog post, write personal note and Save. Your private note will be visible only to you.


Add private notes to your books


You can edit and/or delete your private note any time. Click the book cover and edit your note. 


To make it easier to find them on your shelf, we've added 'a note dot' under each book with your private remark. You can also choose to see all books, book with private notes or books without private notes. 


Books with private notes

Top Tags on BookLikes

diy bookmarksNow you can discover other blog posts, reviews and bloggers on BookLikes thanks to the week's top tags. You can also see all your tags and those most common used in your texts. Let's start tagging!


To see the most popular tags on BookLikes turn your head right and click Top Tags on BookLikes next to tag search box. Then you'll see top tags from last week most commonly used by BL community. To discover texts and reviews with a given tag, just click the tag to look through the posts by BookLikes bloggers.


top tags


Scroll down the new page to see your most used tags, click the tag to see your texts with a given tag. You can also see all your tags in writing box. Your writing and posts planning will be easier now since you don't have to remember all of you tags, just select the tags from the most recent tags list or all my tags list.


all my tags




Add your books to many shelves, your shelves will be tags in your post.


Once you write a post about a given book, the shelves attached to that book will be added to your review/post as tags. Each of your shelf name will be visible in your writings, and once clicked will show other texts with this tag.


For example: the book pop up shows shelves the book is shelved on: 




When you create a post or a review with book from your shelf, the shelves will be added as tags:





P.S. If you're decorating your home and have no clue what to do with a bunch of paint chips, we have an idea. Change them into colorful bookmarks ;-)


pic source via

New "Latest Post Widget" Is Like Table of Contents on Your Blog


With "Your Latest Posts" widget you can show your most recent writings and help your blog guests explore your BookLikes blog. It's like table of contents on your blog.



New widget is available on Goodies/Widgets page where you can choose a number of posts to show, type widget's title and adjust widget's size. 



The widget will present up to 20 most recent posts from your blog with titles and links. Your blog guests will be able to look through your articles and choose what to read first.


my latest posts


To add widget to your other webpage, get the code and copy/paste it into your webpage's HTML. 


To add widget to your BookLikes blog, get the code and paste it into Widget Area in Customization tab