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How to read more books in 2017? It's time for a reading challenge!

It’s time to get serious in 2017! Forget about I’ll-finish-later books on your nightstands and TBR shelf with untouched classics. Forget about the excuses, the dog can take itself for a walk, delegate the house works to other family members. This year it’s all about You! Give yourself a me time with a new year reading resolution.


Don’t know where to start? Well, here comes BookLikes with a 2017 reading challenge which will help you keep the reading going.


Take the challenge and set your own reading goal here:


(click the image to fill up and start the challenge)


You can find the reading challenge in the upper menu, click Goodies or Apps -> Reading Challenges.

 Tips to keep your reading going:


  • Let's read for pleasure and knowledge, not to break the records. Be gentle to yourself. Choose a reasonable number of books that won’t haunt you in your dreams.
  • Stay open minded to new genres and new authors but don’t leave your comfort zone if you don’t feel you really want to. Read what you want, not what you’re expected to.
  • If you have a competitive personality make sure to add the reading challenge widget to your other webpages. Everybody knows that it is the internal motivation that’s the most effective but a little reading competition won’t harm anybody, right?
  • Let everybody know. Share your reading challenge page on your social channels. Question So how is your challenge going? will keep your reading going.
  • Add reading dates and reviews to your reading challenge books. This will change your blog guests into the regular readers of your reviews.
  • Read, read, read. Anytime, anywhere. A cozy nook, a soft blanket and a hot drink are optional but are known as great reading enhancements.


BookLikes tips:

  • Once you start your reading challenge on BookLikes the link to your reading challenge page will be added to your BookLikes blog's menu. Thanks to the new page your blog guest will find and look through your books read in 2017 (and previous years if you took part), view your rating and reviews.


  • Your reading challenge page presents your reading history for a given year with a full book list with links to your reviews on your blog. Links to the past year challenges are also available.



  • You can personalize the title for your Reading Challenge link in Settings/Pages.




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We want to know what are your 2017 reading plans! Please add your reading challenge posts in the comment sections below. Any reading tips are also welcomed :)