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Reading Challenge Revealed


I read for pleasure and that is the moment I learn the most.

 Margaret Atwood


Welcome New Year, welcome new book goals! It's high time to pick your reading challenge for 2015 and share your reading plans. Now your Reading Challenge will be added to your blog on BookLikes. 


To start your Reading Challenge go to Goodies / Reading Challenge tab and set your goal for this year. We've decided to go for 24 books in 2015, we start carefully but we can increase the number of books any time ;)



Once you start your reading challenge the link to your reading challenge page will be added to your blog's menu. Thanks to the new page your blog guest will find and look through your books read in 2015, view your rating and reviews. It's a great way to find new reads and recommendations, and for you it's another way to show your reading performance and share your reading lists. 



Your reading challenge page presents your reading history for a given year with a full book list with links to your reviews on your blog. 




You can personalize the title for your Reading Challenge link in Settings/PagesSettings/Pages is the place where you can add your additional pages and/or links to your blog. You can add as many new pages as you wish, you can also decide which should go live and visible. You can add, edit and remove your additional pages any time in your Setting/Pages.


The option for new pages is perfect for About Me page, Contact page or links to your other webpages, and reading challenges of course. 




For your running reading challenge you can also use a Reading Challenge widget (Goodies/Widgets) that can be added to your webpage on BookLikes or any other. To add the widget, please copy the code and paste it into the Widget Area in the customization tab (Settings/Blog->Customize). 





Author edit / Book edit page

We've done two updates to the edit pages:

1. When adding a new book, please insert as many book details as you can find. When you insert a new book which has no ISBN or ASIN, please provide a link to a source; this will help the BookLikes Librarians to verify the book details and complete the missing data. 


2. Now you can edit the author's name with one-word author name (e.g. Plato) or pseudonym. Please have in mind that this refers only to one-word names, if the author is listed under the name and surname both of them should be inserted in the appropriate fields.