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BookLikes has a lot to offer not only readers and bloggers, but also authors and publishers. It is a new and exciting experience; it’s much more than just a plain profile on another book-social site.


BookLikes offers authors and publishers a personal webpage with a blog, virtual bookshelf, and reading timeline.  It’s a place where authors can promote their books and present themselves to the community of book lovers.


  • BookLikes helps authors/publishers meet and interact with book bloggers
  • BookLikes helps authors/publishers promote their books and their authors
  • BookLikes is a tool to reach 40,000 active book bloggers
  • BookLikes is a place where authors/publishers can be discovered and stay connected with the influential book lovers’ community
  • BookLikes helps authors/publishers stay active on their social media channels -- authors can synchronize their BookLikes account with their Facebook Page, Twitter, and Amazon’s Goodreads
  • BookLikes is independent. BookLikes is free -- and always will be.


In order to take best advantage of BookLikes’ features, download BookLikes For Author - Guidebook ->