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3 ways to fill up your BookLikes profile information

BookLikes is a blog platform for all book lover. Thais means that when you register you set up your own book blog with an endless virtual bookshelf (YAY!). Here are three places to add your details in order to fill up your BookLikes profile information and to present yourself to other readers and bloggers. 


1. Settings


When you log into BookLikes you see Dashboard -- your feed, a place where you see the  blogs' reviews and bookshelf updates. Remember that in order to add a blog to your Dashboard you should start following the blogs! If you're looking for new blogs to follow, go to the Explore page (menu->Explore), click the blog name and click FOLLOW in the upper right corner.


Remember that all your actions done in your Settings and in your Dashboard view will be presented on your blog page (your account on BookLikes IS your BOOK BLOG). The Dashboard view is internal and will always stay the same. 

Your blog page on BookLikes is:


Let's get back to Settings. So once you're on Dashboard, you gonna view one menu button in the upper left corner. Click it and go to Settings. In Settings, select tabs to add your details:


Settings: add your photo and username, e-mail, change password, select language and e-mail notifications, connect your social media

Settings/Blog: add your blog name, your short bio, select comments settings, and a blog theme

Settings/Import: import your books & reviews collections from Goodreads and other book social sites

Settings/Pages: add a new subpage to your book blog

Settings/Affiliate Programs: add your affiliate IDs to earn on your book blog

As you can see, each Settings tab let's you fill up your personal information.

Make sure to click Save once you add new information. 



2. The Customization tab


Your book blog needs personalization. Make sure to visit the Customization tab to select a blog's layout and add your social profile links.


To enter the Customization tab view, go to Settings/Blog, scroll down and click Customize.



Here you are! Add your short bio, your social profile links and widgets. You can also select a new blog theme and customize the color and layout. 


Remember to Save all the changes and check how your blog looks like (your blog is at 



3. Add a new Page OR new links


If you prefer to add a new sub-page with your longer bio, you can do it in Settings/Pages. 



If you wish to add links, to your other webpages, you can also do it in Settings/Pages. 



Your new pages and links will be visible in your Settings/Pages:



Remember that all your actions done in your Settings and in your Dashboard view will be presented on your blog page. Your blog page on BookLikes is:



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