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What to do with a new book?

Here are some handy tips on how to deal with a new book. Ready? Pick up. Open up. Read up. And write about it on your BookLikes book blog!



1. Check if it's in BookLikes book catalog


Please use the book search box and check if the book is already in our data base. You can use the title author phrase or simply paste ISBN.


If it's here. Bravo and congrats! Make sure the book data are correct, if something is missing, go to the book page and edit the details. Your edits will be verified by the BookLikes Librarians before being published on the book page. 


If the book isn't here, add it. Use the new book link in the book search



OR add a new book directly on the author page. 




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2. Add it to your bookshelf and read


Shelve, read and review. You know the drill. You can add the book to your additional bookshelf, e.g. new 2018 releases.



If you decide to make it a separate status, it will be visible just under Read/Planning/Currently menu. 


If you decide to make is a regular shelf, it will be added as a thematic shelf in the shelf menu on the left. 


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3. Share your thoughts!


There's nothing better than a new book, right?! Make sure your readers and followers know your opinion about the title. Write a short post or a review, share a quote or a book trailer. Make sure you're honest about your review, no matter whether it's positive or negative. It's you who read the book, right? :)



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4. Giveaway


Give a book a second reading life, and give it away! You can decide who gonna receive the book by selecting ME in the Select winners by... section.



If you're an author, share your new book or ARC among book lovers.


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5. Add it to a reading list


We love book lists! We share new releases and other interesting reads on the reading lists page. Add a new title to your existing list or create a new list with the upcoming books you can't wait for.



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6. Invite friends to a book launch



Remind your friends and readers that the book is finally out! Add the title to the release calendar and invite other readers who would be interested in the title. 



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