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6 tips for BookLikes newbies


If you like books, then you'll love BookLikes and its community (we love you, guys!). We're happy to welcome newcomers, new readers and authors. Welcome aboard! Let's have fun reading & reviewing. If you're still wondering how the hect BookLikes works, have a look at 6 tips for BookLikes newbies. Pssst, we think our regular bloggers will appreciate them too and will add their own tips too :)


1. Username vs Blog name


When you set up your BookLikes book blog you need to choose a username and a blog name.


Username: The address of your personal webpage on BookLikes will be:


Consider using the name that represents you and will work as your www address. It can be your name, nick, your author name, pen name, book title (if you're a new author), publishing house name.


Blog Title: The name for your book blog


Make it personal; use your name, your company’s name or your other blog name if you're using BookLikes as your additional book blog.




2. Make your BookLikes official


If you're an author or a publisher you can request an official webpage. Official author accounts receive a verified badge, an author tab in settings and a direct link on the author catalog page to your blog page. 



If you're an author or a publisher, please mail to request the official account. If you have already mailed us but still not received the verified badge, we'll get back to you shortly. 



3. Personalize your webpage


The site tells all about you so make sure it looks great. In order to choose a desirable blog design, go to Settings and choose Blog tab, then click customize.


Chose a layout that works for you and customize its look with the possible options, e.g. change background or flip columns.




The customization tab has also spots for your social profile links and Facebook/Twitter widgets. 




4. Write write write


On BookLikes you can choose from 6 different writing templates: text, review, quote, photo, video, url.



Each template allows you to add up to 10 titles - the book cover(s) will be added to your post automatically, just select the book(s) on the wooden bar. 





5. Explore and discover


The best way to be discovered is to discover others. Thanks to BookLikes Explore Page you can easily find and follow other book lovers with similar reading tastes.





If you find an interesting blog post, follow the blog -- then you'll see the blogger's reviews and bookshelf updates on your Dashboard. 



The bloggers will follow you back and that can be the start of your own community and new bookish friends. Staying active will help you in gaining new followers and spreading your book love. 



6. Interact, discuss, win giveaways


Interact with the site and its community, add posts and reviews, like and reblog posts published by other bloggers, add comments, join discussion groups, book clubs, and win giveaways.




Set up your book clubs or join the buddy read:



Win new books and run your giveaways on the Giveaways page:


More tutorials can be found here, or click the link:


See you next Thursday!

Happy reading!