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Now you can synchronize your BookLikes and Tumblr blogs, how cool is that!

Synchronize your BookLikes and Tumblr blogs

We were extremely happy to discover that our recent release of BookLikes -> Blogger synchronization brought up so many positive comments and feedback. You already know our Team good enough to know that we don't rest on our laurels, we've decided to keep up the momentum and prepared a new synchronization option. Now it's high time to connect your BookLikes not only with your social media, Goodreads, Kindle, and Blogger but also your Tumblr blog!


The procedure of synchronizing your blogs on BookLikes and Tumblr is very similar to the one for BookLikes->Blogger sync and is based on e-mail publishing address. Don't worry, well present a step by step instruction hot to connect your two blogs to share your writing across the web. 



4 Steps to Synchronize your Tumblr blog with your BookLikes webpage

(BookLikes -> Tumblr)


1. Go to your Tumblr settings where you'll find an e-mail address generated for your account in the Post by Email sector. 



You may want to e-mail this address to you. You can also reset the e-mail address any time in your Tumblr's settings. 


2. Copy the Tumblr's e-mail and go to your BookLikes Settings/Blog.


Paste the e-mail address in the Publish via email / publish on Tumblr sector. Remember to Save your BookLikes Settings. 





3. Write a review, or any other kind of post: text, photo post, quote, video. Then mark Tumblr icon (green = active) and publish the post on both of your blogs. 




4. Your post will be publish on your BookLikes and Tumblr blogs.


On BookLikes


On Tumblr


The posts will be cross posted according to the post types. Some basic formatting should also be applied to your Tumblr post automatically. Bare in mind, however, that some differences in the post’s look can happen because of different blog themes and synchronization restrictions. Some minor delays in the publication time may also occur.



If you have missed our recent post about synchronization features, here's a short reminder about all sync options available for your BookLikes account: 



Synchronize your Blogger blog with your BookLikes webpage (BookLikes -> Blogger)

If you have a Blogger blog and would like to share your posts on BookLikes and Blogger this new synchronization feature is for you! To make it easier we’ve prepared a special option which allows you to synchronize your blogs and post to your BookLikes and Blogger with one click.


Set your Blogger e-mail address in your Blogger blog's settings and paste the Blogger e-mail into your BookLikes Settings. Then mark Blogger icon when writing a review and publish a post to your two blogs. Read more in our blog post.



Share your reviewsBookLikes and Your Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)

You can cross post links to your texts to your Facebook and Twitter profiles by connecting your social media profiles in Settings and activating social icons in the writing box (green = active). Read more in our blog post.




BookLikes and Your Goodreads

You can also synchronize your Goodreads and BookLikes accounts. The sync can be switched on in Settings/Import -- when connecting open your Goodreads page in the second tab and authorize the app, only then the synchronization will be switched on.


BookLikes -> Goodreads synchronization allows you to update your shelf, post reviews, add ratings and shelves. The synchronization works one way from BookLikes TO Goodreads, this means that when you add a book to your BookLikes shelf, post a reviews on your BL blog, add/edit rating starts or add a new shelf all those activities will be mirrored on your Goodreads account.


The BookLikes -> Goodreads synchronization works only one way and cannot be performed for your past activities.


Goodreads synchronization is a different mechanism than book import of a csv file from Goodreads. We recommend switching on the BookLikes -> Goodreads synchronization after the book import is completed. Read more in our blog post

BookLikes and Your Kindle

The synchronization with your Kindle lets you post your reading progress updated on your BookLikes blog straight from your Kindle. Switch on the connection inSettings/General -- first connect your twitter account and switch on the Kindle synchronization.


To post on BookLikes via the Kindle follow the schemes  "...%"    or    "...% and your comment".

Have a look at the examples:


* If you write and share percent only, e.g.:     10%     on your Twitter from your Kindle, your book progress will be updated on your BookLikes Shelf.


** If you write and share percent and your comment, e.g.:     10% so far I love it!     on your Twitter from your Kindle, your book progress will be updated on your BookLikes Shelf and a post with "Reading progress updated" and your comment will be published on your BookLikes blog.

Read more in our blog post.



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