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This is an urgent call for all BookLikes users


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We created BookLikes and gave you a platform where you can read, write and share all reading experiences with people of similar interests. Now we need your votes to help us get on the stage at TNWEurope and present this story to people who share the same passion for innovation and technology as we do.


At the end of April we are going to be at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam. BookLikes was shortlisted to take part in the Boost programme which is dedicated to most promising startups in the new technologies industry. We are calling for your votes to get us selected for the final 75 that will be allowed to pitch in front of jury! The time is precious as the poll will only last for 3 days. Voting will start today Wednesday April 8, at 14:00 CET and will end on Friday April 10 at 17:00 CET.


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This is could be once in a lifetime opportunity to expose our ideas to experts feedback and funding we are counting on your votes!