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Dashboard - A Place Where All Bookish Things Happen

How to read what you’re interested in, find new books and discover new bookish friends? It’s easy turn on BookLikes Dashboard and be up to date with books, bookshelf updates and book reviews.




What is the most important when you’re a book eater? Reading and writing, right? BookLikes combines that with Dashboard where you see all reviews and posts of people you follow and can smoothly write any kind of post (text, quote, photo, video, URL). If you love some post or review let the author know and share your opinion. Simply click “Like” or “Reblog” button or leave a comment (see how to upload comment widow to your BookLikes Blog in this Post). Like and Reblog notifications will be visible at your and post’s author Dashboard.



Finding a good book isn’t so easy as it seems, to browse only reviews  choose “Reviews” button on right side of Dashboards and choose a book that seems to be perfect for you. Finding good new books is nearly as hard as finding new bookish friends.  Check if your friends are already here: go to Find Friends site and search them via username, email or by social media. You can also browse Explore page and discover new people with similar bookish taste and Invite people you think would like to discover BL. To invite book lovers to BookLikes paste his/her mail into Invite box and when you use all Invites just ask us for more and we’ll upload your Invitation box right away (



Dashboard is in administrative view so if you’re interested in blog design and how the public blog looks like click on the photo or username (it works the same with your photo if you want to check whether your posts look good on your public BL webpage). You can also easily switch between all BookLikes pages: Blog (with your posts which can be edited or deleted), Shelf (where you manage your books), Timeline (with your book-likes  actions) and edit them as you wish. 


Is your Dashborad full, active and busy? ;-)