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Book Bloggers are Book Lovers

We have recently encountered an article in The Independent about Sir Peter Stothard (Editor of the Times Literary Supplement and Man Booker Prize judge) where he expressed his worries that book bloggers may be doing more harm than good to literature.

Well,  let’s convince anyone who thinks similar that it’s not true. Book blogging is positive :-) What book blogging at BookLikes means to you?

Who starts writing a book blog and book reviews? Book lovers and passionate avid readers, of course (and you know that). Books are written to be read so who is better audience and recipient of written word than people who appreciate literary worlds and like to immerse in it? Readers answers to this invitation, take part in magical travel and after it, simply want to share their impressions. Expressing opinions sounds really natural, we're doing that all the time when we engage in activities that matters to us. Anyway, book talks aren’t so novel, writing a book blog is only a new medium of getting book information across and reaching other book passionates

"No two persons ever read the same book” (Edmund Wilson) because reading is personal. There are as many books and book reviews as there are readers. This diversity is a positive outcome as it give all of us a wider spectrum and possibility for choice, book choice which all book lovers appreciate (right?). Some texts about books are more interpretative, some others emotional. But they all express a personal point of view which is essential while being involved in personal action - reading and writing.

Dialogue about books is always valuable. Today readers, meaning all of you, are not just observators but active participants and creators in the literary space which is great. Discussion about books should have a social aspect, well, this is what discussion is all about, isnt’ it? Literary conversation done face to face or via written word is supporting for acknowledged authors (they do want to know what their readers think), aspiring writer (they want to know what their future readers' expectations are) and, of course, for members of BookLikes, community of book lovers who love to share their reading life experiences with other avid readers (we simply want to know what others think about books).


What book blogging means to you? Is it a book quest, discussion engagement, means of getting to know other book lovers, way of discovering new reads or telling your story in your own words? Share your thoughts in comments :-)