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#34 Follow Friday with book bloggers: Toni

Hello Friday! Hello Follow Friday with book bloggers! 

Meet Toni, a book lover with a big virtual library and an amazing dream home bookshelves. Check them out! 


Follow Toni's blog:


What are you reading right now? How do you like it? 


Cosega Search by Brandt Legg. I like it so far, only 1/3 into it.

Cosega Search - Brandt Legg 

How did your book love begin? 


I don't really remember books were always part of my life even as a many many years ago.


Are you a book collector or a recommender? 


Neither. I am a reader and reviewer and give all the books I can...

According to your Shelf you’re read over 500 books! How much time do you spend reading daily? 
About 2 hours a day....actually the 500 books are only those added since I joined BookLikes. 

What are you favorite genres? Why are they special?
Mysteries, thrillers, historical fiction, fiction and non-fiction. I can't honestly answer that question...maybe I love to be lost in the transported wherever...

Why reading is important to you? 
Great pass time. I call the few hours my quality time....

Do you review every book you read? How does your review process look like? 
Yes I do, my process changes with the genre. A non-fiction will have more depth. The others I will usually have a short summary and my feeling: likes and what I don't. Rarely will I recommend books....

What are you three favorite book covers?
WOW, book covers that is a hard one but here are 3 books, I lately read:
The Terrorist Next Door (David Gold) - Sheldon SiegelThe Room on Rue Amélie - Kristin HarmelThe Good Liar - Catherine McKenzie

How do you choose your next book to read? Favorite authors, reading list, friends’ recommendations?
A bit of all: favorite authors, reading list, some recommendations but mostly I read books that are given to me by the author or through sites such as BookLikes, Goodreads, Librarythings, Netgalleys, Edelweiss. 

Which books are you most excited recommending to your followers? 
Historical fictions and non- fictions set during WW11 but I rarely do recommend books. See question #8 The Room on Rue Amelie for my one of them.
The Room on Rue Amélie - Kristin Harmel 

A book that changed your life?

A paper book or an e-book?
Mostly ebooks. 

Three titles for a sunny spring day? 
The Good Liar - Catherine McKenzieDark Waters (A Deborah Jones Crime Thriller) - J.B. TurnerThe Italian Wife - Kate Furnivall

Favorite quote? 
live for today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come
If you could pair a book with a meal, what would you cook to eat while reading your favorite title? 
Potato chips ....:)

Shelfie time! Please share your home library photos :)
Haha, its digital in real life but I all my books were paperbacks it would look like this:

Thank you! 



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