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Blogging about books - additional blog post options


BookLikes lets you blog about books in several different ways. As you have noticed there are 5 main post types on BookLikes: Text, Quote, Photo, Video, and URL. The wooden bar with the writing options is always at hand at the top of your Dashboard. 



We won't focus on the post types today. If you've missed our post where we described different ways to write about books, please go check  6 ways to blog about books post. 

Read the article to know more about different
book blogging options ->


Today we'd like to focus on the side bar and the additional options in the right column.



When you click the Text, Quote, Photo, Video, URL on the wooden bar, you'll be moved to the text editor view with the additional options on the right. The right column stays the same so it doesn't really matter whether you choose to share a text post a video review - the side bar will always look the same.


Let's have a closer look at the options it presents.




This box is a must tick, if you'd like to mark your post as a review. You can also add the rating stars (including the half stars!) but it's an optional. 


Important. Please remember that if you don't mark you post as a review it will not be visible on the book page in the community review section. Additionally, if you write a post with a book attached but won't mark it as a review, the book won't appear on your Reviewed shelf. 




Don't ruin the reading pleasure. If your post/review contains any spoilers, please select the spoiler box to warn your readers. The special marker will be added to your post in the Dashboard view and in your blog view.


The Dashboard view 


The blog view



Post date

This is your publishing calendar spot. You can select a post date of your choice. If you're publishing at the very same moment when you finish writing it will show "now":



If you'd like to schedule your post and publish it some other day, please select the date and time. In order to view a calendar click in the field where you see now, then select a day and a preferable publication time:



When you finish your blog post click the Post button and your piece will be published in accordance with your selected date: 





Let's be fair and give a proper credit to other readers, writers and bloggers. If you share a content from other webpage, make sure to add the source link. The source link will be added in the footnote of your blog post. 




Custom URL:

Each blog post receives a personal link, it usually contains the post title and it's compatible with the content.



If the post lacks the title, the URL address may look complex and harder to share on the web: 



In this situation you can add a custom URL for a specific post. In the following example the name you enter in the custom URL field would end up in the post's url address:





Tags are keywords which describe your posts. Thanks to tags you can organize your blog content (make sure you use some unique tags e.g. your blog name reviews), or  find posts written by other bloggers with the same tag, e.g. 2017 Halloween Bingoreading challenge.


That's also a great tool to find other readers with the similar reading taste or taking part in the mutual reading games and challenges.  



Write a tag and then press Enter / Return or a comma to insert the tag in the field. You can use a-z, letter, numbers, space and a hyphen. No other special characters are allowed. 


Last Tags:

The spot presents recently used tags on your blog. To add those tags to your post, simply click a tag (it will go green when you hover over it) -- it will pop in the Tag field automatically. 



All tags:

It's a list of all tags used on your blog.


Send to:

This spot is for sharing your content to your other social channels and blogs. In order to make it active, first connect your social media in Settings and your other blogs in Settings/Blog.

To activate the given sharing option, click on it (make sure it goes green). 



Important: Facebook sharing is still inactive. To share your blog post to your Facebook profile, please follow the steps described in our post: How to share your BookLikes posts when Facebook connection fails



Happy blogging!