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How to share your BookLikes posts when Facebook connection fails


Sharing the blog content is crucial and Facebook auto posting is always super convenient but since we're still waiting for an update concerning BookLikes-Facebook features let us present you several other ways of sharing your book reviews and posts while waiting for the BL-Fb connection return.


At the same time we're terribly sorry for the inconvenience. The log in via Facebook, BL-Fb connection and the auto-posting options will be switched on as soon as we sort the problematic issues out. If you've used Facebook login for your BookLikes, please follow the step by step instruction on how to log into BookLikes when the Facebook login is off. We also wish to inform you that your Twitter connection should be working just fine.


1. Dashboard share option

Sharing straight from your Dashboard is not only fast but also handy. All you have to do it to click the arrow icon on the left and choose the social media you want to share the article on. The post will be published on your social channels within seconds. All links included in the tweets and social posts will redirect to the author's articles on his/her BookLikes public blog page.


The Dashboard share option is usually used for articles published by bloggers you follow, however, it can be also used for your writings.



2. Blog share option

If you wan to share your own writings (and the Fb auto post is off) use the share option on your admin blog page (menu->blog). The admin blog page presents only your reviews and articles so it's super easy and fast to send all your texts to your social media channels.


The links included in the tweets and social posts will redirect to your articles on your BookLikes public blog page.


3. Social share button on your BookLikes blog

Each of your blog post should have social share buttons (unless you did not switch them on in the customization tab). How to check if they are on? Just click the title of your review or article and look for the Like/ Tweet / Pin it / G+ buttons.



If they are not there, make the buttons visible by going to the customization tab (menu->Settings->Blog tab->Customization) and tick the social network boxes:


Remember to save all the changes in the customization tab! And check again.


Note: the position of the social share buttons may vary in accordance to the blog template. The Casual Smart blog design presents the button at the bottom of the post, whereas the Gentle Spirit design has them on the top:



Happy sharing!