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Ferbuar Buchbilanz by Top German BookLikers

We're happy to see more and more German book lovers on BookLikes :-)   Willkommen!


Six German BookLikers follow New Year's tradition of monthly book statistics on BookLikes. We've already revealed their January reading outcome and we'll be happy to see more of your reading months summaries :-) Let's have a look at six German bloggers' February reading buchbilazn. Although February was shorter than other months, it did not affect your reading stats. Great to see that! 


To read all stats go to Top German BookLikes' personal sites: Mareike's Bücher , Bucheule , Lillelara , Read a Book , Lesemaniac , LyraLaJeuneHow many books have you swallowed in February? These six BookLikers read together 44 books! 


Can you match blog titles with blogs mentioned above? If so, share them in the comments and link to your reading stats as well :-) If you recognize the titles, it means that you're following really avid readers :-) To follow more people who love reading visit Explore page and discover other blogs and reviewers (adjusted to your BookLikes' language version).