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Book Blog Talks: The Happy Booker, Part One

Book Blog Talks welcomes The Happy Booker blog which shares love to reading by listening. Lets get to know the blogger a little better :-)




In your blog description we can read “Audiobook Junkie”. What’s so special in audio version of books that make you fall in love in this format?


It probably comes down to the fact that I have more of an auditory learning style so I find it easier to retain information when hearing it. But I believe that when the right book meets the right narrator, it's a special kind of magic that goes even beyond reading.


How much time do you spend wearing headphones?


I spend more time wearing headphones than not wearing them. I also work from home handling customer service calls so most of my life is spent wearing headphones! 


For you, is listening to audio books the same as reading? Or do you experience the books differently?


I think I experience them differently. I've described audiobooks as being very similar to watching a movie IF that movie stayed completely true to every aspect of the book.


What literary genres are you listening to?


I'm a mood reader so I genre hop a lot. I love really dark stories like thrillers and books that explore uncomfortable subject matter. I'm really into post-apocalyptic and zombie books too. I love reading stories of survival in extreme situations like that. I also enjoy fairy tale retellings, fantasy, dystopian, and historical fiction.  


Are there books you would love to read and record? Or maybe you already did (secretly or not)?


No. I don't think I'd make a good narrator. I wouldn't want to listen to me for hours. My family agrees, they don't want to listen to me at all most of the time...



What was your first audio book? When was that?


The Harry Potter series and I think that was back in 2008


What are you listening/reading right now?


I'm listening to Love in the Time of Global Warming audio book and reading World After by Susan Ee ebook and Delia's Shadow by Jaime Lee Moyer print book 





Your favorite book author?


 TOO many to name, Rowling, Martin, Kagawa, Hobb, Gaiman, Zimmer-Bradley, Weir, Gregory, etc. 


Your favorite voice / narrator in audio books?


 Neil Gaiman. I want him to narrate my life. 



In the second part The Happy Booker will recommend great books with great narration, favorite reading place and great quote about reading. 




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