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Book Blog Talks: Happy Books, Part One

We'd love to know what inspires you, which book won your heart, how and why did you start blogging. We start Q&A Book Blog Talks series on BookLikes. Hope you'll enjoy reading and revealing some of your bookish secrets :-)


Let's meet our first Book Talker - Sabrina from Happy Books.



Sabrina, you’re active as a blogger, you have English and German book blogs, you’re also active booktuber. How did it all start? Is it your passion, way of life, just fun?


I have been a bookaholic pretty much since the moment I was born. My mom read to me a lot to when I was a child and as soon as I was in school I started with reading my own books. Both my parents love to read, so I grew up being surrounding by a lot of books. In my childhood and youth my parents never said no when I asked about buying a new book, they always supported my love for reading. For me books are a way of life, reading is part of who I am and it's so much more than a hobby. I guess somewhere in my DNA there is a sequence called "love for reading" :)
And of course I don't only love reading books, I also love recommending the good books I read to other readers and to discuss books with other bookaholics, all three things add a lot of fun and joy to my life.
You come from Germany but you’re reading and writing in English. How come?
I mainly read English books because I prefer reading books in the language they were written and English books are also less expensive than German books. So when I started my blog "About Happy Books" back in 2008 I thought that it made sense to write in English, I didn't even think about writing my blog in German! Looking back I'm still very happy with my decision. In 2011 I started another book blog, Bücher - lost in translation, this time written in German and on it I concentrate on German book covers and how they compare to the original covers of the books. Now I have the best of both worlds.
You named your blog Happy Books - is it because books always make you happy or it’s because you prefer happy ending books?
It's a bit of both. I have always preferred books that left me with a happy, content feeling. Books that have overall an uplifting and not too dark mood. If I want to know about cruel, harsh things, I can watch the news. For me books are a kind of counterbalance for all the bad, sad things you see in life. And I also like reading about characters that are happy, that are good people and that have their own personal happily ever after. From time to time I also read more serious books, but that doesn't happen too often.
I know that some readers look down on happy readers but I don't care about that. I think that everyone should pick the books that they enjoy the most and nobody has the right to make you feel bad about your reading choices. As soon as I read I like to put my rose-coloured glasses on and you will never manage to make me feel bad about that.

 What’s on your nightstand right now?
 Playing Grace by Hazel Osmond and The school for good and evil by Soman Chainani. Btw, in my nighstand are some of my favourite books, I love being surrounded by the books I love when I go to sleep.
 You favorite author?
If I have to pick one it's Nora Roberts, her books always manage to touch my heart, to make me happy and they bring me a good time.
 Your favorite literary genres?
I love romances in every possible variation, but as long as there is a good story, a likable set of characters, not too much dark stuff and a great setting I'm willing to give a book a chance.
Could you think of literary character that you would like to meet face to face? What would your ask him/her?
I would love to meet the whole set of characters from the Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts and from the In Death books by J.D. Robb. I would also love to meet the characters by Stephanie Perkins in real life, I want to know if Etienne is really that adorable. I don't think that I would manage to form any coherent thoughts when meeting these people, so no questions for me. ;)
If you would like to know how Sabrina discovers good books, whether she prefers paper or e-ink, what's her favorite reading place and which books she highly recommends, stay tuned and wait for Book Blog Talks: Happy Books, Part Two soon :)