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Give Your Book Friends a Shout - Comment, Discuss, Compare Books

Give your book friends a shoutWhen one has read a book, I think there is nothing so nice as discussing it with some one else - even though it sometimes produces rather fierce arguments.

 C.S. Lewis


Discussing books and reviews is awesome. Sometimes, however, you wish to stay inside of your friends' circle and now you can. The updated option for comments allow you to choose who can stay inside your circle and comment on your blog. We've also retouched the compare books option - now you can compare books on BookLikes' members blogs and share the news with your friends. 




The new comment options can be found in Settings/Blogs, in response to you requests we've added new comment possibilities. Now you can choose from the following:


More comments options

   facebook comments (to add the FB comment box connect your Facebook account in Settings first)


You can choose the options as you wish, tick the boxes that will work best for your blog. Remember to Save the changes in Settings. 



Compare books


We've also retouched the Compare books option - now it can be found on a public blog of any BookLikes member. You can also go directly to the compare books page - choose Apps/Compare books from the main menu. 


If you wish to compare the books simply click the chart icon in the upper right corner on the blog page and you'll see how many books in common the both of you have.


Compare books with your friends



The comparison includes books, ratings, book categories, and reviews. You can also share the news with  your friends with the social share buttons. 


Compare bookshelf




Now when you set your books with a currently reading status the start reading date will be set automatically to today's date.


Just started reading


When you finish the book, click Finished! on your Dashboard - the finished reading date will be set automatically to today's date. Books with filled up reading dates are added to your reading challenge. 


I am reading now


You can update the dates any time in the book popup by using +Shelf advanced options or in your Shelf table view.