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Author Pages on BookLikes & Announcement

Great news for the readers and authors: Author Pages. They are here. BookLikes is happy to present author pages where you can look through author's books (including different language versions), reviews, meet the readers, and find & follow BookLikes Authors. Plus, more new is coming.


Let's get started. To go to author page click author’s name in the book pop up.


It's always great to get to know the author you enjoy reading.  The Author Page shows a short author's bio with additional information, like other webpage, and, of course, a list of books.


There are also new discovery paths on BookLikes. Author Pages present the titles which were shelved most recently on BookLikes, and readers who recently looked up the books. The discovery boxes can be seen on the right. 


You can also easily spot what book genres the author is writing in and find other books from these categories (click the category name to go to BookLikes' Book Catalog).




Author pages of BookLikes Authors also present a link to their blog on BookLikes. You can easily find and follow them to stay up to date with their reading and writing. And we're preparing more special features so don't go far. 




If you wish to see more books by a given author or shelve a book in a different language click see all books on the main Author Page to view all the titles with the language filterBookLikes' author page will present you the books in eight language versions: English, German, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian.




The information on the author pages will be updated gradually, and we're in the middle   of works on new options, like new search via author name, and new features for BookLikes Authors so it's definitely worth to stay close :)


If you notice that some data should be corrected, let us know at





Get ready for Monday reading! On Monday BookLikes will be down for maintenance for several hours. Don't worry and don't go far. We'll be back packed with new energy and ready for new book adventures.