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Multi-Purpose Bookshelf

Sometimes it’s hard to make your traditional bookcase lucid and organized. With virtual bookshelf it gets so much easier because it's endless, dust-free and searchable :-)




Shelf menuSometimes books get lost or hide. But it's over now! Your books with books status: read, planning to read, currently reading will be always on their place and pop up after right filter. You can also mark them with some additional attributes, like: rating stars, favorite (for those you love), wishlist (hint for your friends what to buy you as a gift) and private (for your eyes only).
To make your Bookshelf more organized add your own shelves and collect books by themes, book genres or authors - then number of ‘unshelved’ books will be '0', like at Booklikes Shelf ;-)



Shelve itShelving books can be done on several ways - via search box, reading reviews or by Shelve It button. Our new feature allows you add books directly form bookstore (for the time being only from Amazon stores) - just drag the buttor to your bookmark bar, click on it when you encounter desirable book in a shop and add it to your Booklikes shelf. If you don't remember if you've already added a book to your reading list search your shelfTo search through your bookshelf, choose first icon in  bookstores search box , write title and you’ll see if the book is on your shelf or not.



Bookshelf can tell a lot about it’s owner so make it look good. Pick design that you like in Blog Settings or set your Shelf site as a home page of your personal Booklikes webpage (Blog Settings) or do both :-) When you’re sure it looks awesome share your bookshelf or sigle book with your friends via your social media.


Ready to filling up your bookshelf?