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New Notification Feature - All Your Notes in One Place & Updates

We've got news about notifications for you. We've moved Dashboard notifications to a new spot and gave them sexy icon ;)


Now all you notifications are gathered in one place, just look at the upper navigation bar and new notification icon. When you get a message on BookLikes, you’ll see that on notification bubble - the number will represent the amount of new notes waiting for you.


To see who left you a note, click green notification bubble. Then you’ll be able to move to a given person’s blog and re-follow or re-like his/her posts. You’ll also get an information when someone comments on your post so you can get involved into discussion straight away. If you're importing books, you'll get import progress notes with a link to your Import Page.


All blog names, post titles and Import Page are links so you can easily go to a given blog entry, new follower and site. To look through your past notifications, click see more notifications  and you'll be moved to Notifications Page.



  • Following your requests we've added new 'sort by' function to your Shelf - now you can sort your books by Read Date.
  • We have changed number of books that can be connected with a given post/review - now you can add up to 10 books to your heading in post edit view.