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5 Board Games For Book Lovers Who Love to Kill & Merry

Wanna play a game? Try five book inspired board games that will give you shivers and happy chills. And will take to to magical book world.




The Walking Dead Board Game


The board game shows world created by Robert Kirkman in comic book series and gives you the opportunity to play Rick, Shane, Andrea, and other The Walking Dead characters. You need to stay safe and alive, collect supplies, deal with zombies and find your way through. Not so easy to do. 


The Walking Dead in reviews:


JASNA: I’m curious to see what happens to Negan as the series progresses, and whether he’ll meet the same fate as the Governor once All Out War comes to an end. Interestingly enough, a comparison could have been drawn between the Governor and Rick. It’s not far fetched to imagine Rick becoming twisted and sadistic like the Governor if something were to happen to his son... click to read more


Yodamom Finds her ForceQuick and Dirty- (Audio) Woodbury, it wacko capital of the new world. The new man in charge is beyond sanity, and has so many secrets, he doesn't even know who he is at times... click to read more



Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books!: It's kind of nice knowing the series can potentially go. We meet new people and the group tries to unite with the town they went to live in... click to read more 



Game of Thrones Board Game


Board game based on George RR Martin The Song of Ice and Fire series. Rule and assign orders, enter battles. conquer lands and seas, collect castles and negotiate… or not. Remember, stay strong and beware of the the wildling Hordes. The winter is coming. 

P.S. You will need quite a table and long night for this. We know, we've played.


Game of Thrones in reviews:


Marwa Ahmed: The magic element, the myths, the ancient stories, the Seven Houses.. The whole world building is detailed and fascinating... click to read more


jody eve: Ahhh what can I say? It's good. I loved it. My hubs and I started watching the show as I was reading the books (never getting ahead of the books, of course.) The books are so much better... click to read more


Confuzzled Books: Like the watching the series I feel like I could read the book over and over. This is just a story filled with awesomeness and I have just started it. I am both excited and fearful what is to come to these characters... click to read more



The Shining Board Game


The first play-tester of this game was Stephen Kind himself who also helped to create it. It’s for two players so the rules are simple. One person is for the Hotel, the second for the Torrence family. The survivor is the winner.


The Shining in reviews:


Zoë Markham: I'm trying to think how old I would have been when I read this for the first time. I must have been either 14 or 15. It terrified me, genuinely terrified me, to the point where this is the first time I've re-read it since. And it's just terrified me again... click to read more


Gurglings of a Putrid Stream: Like his other books, The Shining is King all over, which isn't always a good thing. It's wordy, it's got a kid much too advanced for his age, and it ends with that Mythbuster mentality that isn't satisfied until everything gets blown to hell. But this book, more than the others, is the one that was built for King's style... click to read more


Isa Lavinia: The only book that scared me so much, I refused to get out of bed for a glass of water in the middle of the night and ended up drinking from the hot water bottle that had been warming my feet... click to read more



Beowulf Board Game


The game is based on the legend of the great hero Beowulf. But don’t be mislead. You will not be Beowulf himself, you’re a member of his band fighting with the dragon. Will you succeed him as a king in the end?


Beowulf in reviews:


Lisa (Harmony): This was a surprisingly speedy, easy and enjoyable read--for which Heaney, the translator, deserves a lot of credit... click to read more


Nostalgia Reader: It was a story of courage and loyalty, facing danger in order to protect fellow men. I didn't care for the tangents of previous fights and battles that mainly explained the lineage of certain characters, but knowing that lineage back when this was written was very important, I can understand why it was included... click to read more


I Live in Many Worlds: Beowulf has always been a favorite of mine. Ever since my ninth grade English teacher introduced it to me years ago, I fell in love with Beowulf's bravery and the battle against Grendel... click to read more



And if you cannot stands the zombies and murderers any more, find your love and get married. 



Pride and Prejudice Board Game 


A classic board game inspired by Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice novel. How to play? Pick a couple (you have four to choose from), move them as a team or separately, collect game tokens and rush to the Parish Church to marry and win the game.  


Pride and Prejudice in reviews: 


Bookworm Blurbs: “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of any thing than of a book! -- When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.” Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I think all of us here on booklikes can relate to this!... click to read more 


Dog-Eared Pages: And yet, there are many surprises when you re-read Pride and Prejudice.  The most obvious one for me is the sheer audacity of Austen’s prose.  By audacity I mean her fearless ability to be witty at everyone’s expense... click to read more


Lit Lovers Lane: Austen’s characters are as well-fleshed out and believable as any contemporary ones. Whether it’s the feisty Elizabeth who gives Darcy as good as she gets, the brooding Darcy who’s social skills leave much to be desired, or Elizabeth’s grasping mother who plays favorites with her daughters….all are fully alive and bring technicolor images to mind... click to read more