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Halloween Reading - 15 Books for "Trick or Treat!"



Instead of candies or sweets give and recommend books in "Trick or Treat" game. We've prepared bookish goodies for children, teens and grown ups. Discover 15 books that will make you scary, laugh and give you shivers, all in Halloween spooky mood :-) Happy Halloween!




* Do you like veggies? Jasper Rabbit loves them, especially carrots, and eats them all the time. But some day he gets the feeling that carrots are following him! Will carrots become the scariest vegetable in Jasper’s world? ;-) (Creepy Carrots! - Aaron Reynolds)


* Everyone wants to make his/her dreams come true, including Vampirina. She wants to be a ballerina but first she needs to solve several issues: dance classes must be during night and how can she rehearse if no one see her in the mirror, and this pink uniform, not so beloved by undead... (Vampirina Ballerina - Anne Marie Pace)


* The witch craves for a pumpkin pie but she's having a problem with an enormous pumpkin. A real galley of spooky creatures decides to do something about it. Will there be a pumpkin pie for Halloween? (Big Pumpkin - Erica Silverman, S.D. Schindler)


* For some Halloween countdown begins 13 nights before the day. And along with the aniticipation some gifts occurs which would be great if gifts from mummy weren’t the most spookies ever: skeleton key, singing skulls, eyeballs... (The 13 Nights of Halloween - Guy Vasilovich)


* The Insomniacs family moves to another city. New places can be scary, especially at night. Having problem with sleep (as their surname suggests) they decide to discover magical nighttime world. (The Insomniacs - Karina Wolf)



* What has happened in Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children, children who were, or maybe are, more than extraordinary? Jacob, the boy who discovers that spooky place on an island is to find out along with you if you accept to take part in this scary adventure.(Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs)


* The third book after Rot & Ruin and Dust & Decay tells a story of friends who want to survive in post apocaliptic America. The only way of surviving and finding humanity is the jet they spotted flying over their heads. While searching for the plane they try to stay alive and human, and there are many things to fight with. (Flesh & Bone - Jonathan Maberry)


* No one is safe at night. Ali understands that the night when something horrible happens, it’s also the first time when she sees monsters (and this means her father was right about them). But are all zombies evil? The story is full of mysteries, action, slayers and little romantic touch too. (Alice in Zombieland - Gena Showalter)


* Is there anyone who doesn’t know story of unsinkable Titanic? We bet, you didn’t hear this version of  the history. Well, people on the ship were already dead, walking dead... And what would you do if you were stuck there with them? (Deck Z: The Titanic: Unsinkable. Undead - Chris Pauls, Matt Solomon)


* After zombies it’s nice to grab a decent ghost story and this is it. So get ready for travelling to the most haunted city in America where murders happens, evil spirits wander and ghost trackers have their hands full. (Ghost Town - Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Tim Waggoner)




* A sequel of  John Dies at the End is dark, funny and full of … spiders. Discover story of the world where spiders control peoples’ minds, thoughts and even talk through you. Are they really? Frightening and hilarious at the same time. (This Book Is Full of Spiders - David Wong)   


* Halloween without Stephen King? No way! Prepare yourself for travel in time in King’s version. Jack, the English teacher in his mid 30s is set to a mission and sent to the past to save JF Kennedy. But is changing the future possible or will it resist hard?  (11/22/63 - Stephen King)


* Ian tries to come to turns with dramatic loss of his son and at the same time stay sane while insane things happen around. Can grief lead to madness? The book full of excruciating and intense feelings stays as such till the ending which is more than a surprise. (Alex - Adam J Nicolai)


* With the zombie plague Lilly seeks safe place to survive, live and stay human. When she reaches a walled-in city she thinks this is the place. But what if nothing is what it seems? Maybe the leader of this safe town has different and his-own plans for the future, including hers and all people around? (The Walking Dead - Robert Kirkman, Jay Bonansinga)


* Last but not least - let’s finish this list up with classic. Victor Frankenstein discovering the secret of life decides to play God and creates a man, a creature ‘build up’ from various corps. Science, just like human nature, is surprising and may be leading to some dramatic and violent acts. (Frankenstein - Mary Shelley)


Enjoy Halloween reading and share yours ! :-)