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Books About Books for Book Addicted

Do you feel shivers when you enter a bookstore? Does your heart beat faster and faster when you receive long awaited book? Can’t you decide which book to pick and finally you pick up a high pile of them?


Having all the symptoms? Yes, you've got it. It’s not contagious, as far as we know, but may have an effect on your surroundings. It can be acquired but usually it’s innate and develops along with bigger bookshelves. It’s called book addiction.


But don’t worry, BookLikes provide help, comfort and support :-) And we don’t hinder your bookish need. We fuel it with more books - books about books for book addicted (shelved at BookLikes bookshelf).

Recently Falvorwire presented 10 essential books for book nerds which are here:

But we decide to add some more reads where books as themselves are main characters. So grab them, read, squeeze and get to know your books little better (they know a lot about you already ;-) ).



 And so we’ve got  the book about reading and book collecting obsession (The House of Paper), bookmobile story (Parnassus on Wheels), the book with book burning temperature (Fahrenheit 451), magical story of book seeker (The Shadow of the Wind)uncommon confessions of a common reader (Ex Libris), a memoir about book-reader relationships (Phantoms on the Bookshelves), insights into book world from point of view of a writer, book award winner and reader (Books), story about beauty of reading (The Book of Lost Things) and book rescuing (Too Loud a Solitude)          


... and more (also more titles to be found at BookLikes bookshelf).


If you have a feeling that we've forgotten about some awesome bookish books, just let us know and share them in comments :-)