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Choose Homepage for Your Webpage at BookLikes

Which site - Blog, Shelf or bookish Timeline should be a homepage of your webpage? Well, you decide! We’ve added new feature to your Blog Settings that helps you arrange your BookLikes site as you wish.

Each BookLiker has got three book-likes sites: Blog, Shelf and Timeline and now Blog is chosen as a default homepage of your site. But if you prefer to show your Shlef or Timeline instead of Blog as your main page - just do it. Now it can be done fast and easy.

Go to your Blog Settings, scroll down and tick which site should be your homepage. Then anyone who visits your webpage at your address [] will see, as the first one, the site chosen by you.


If you don't want to reveal one of your site (Blog, Shelf, Timeline), you can hide it and it won't be visible on you webpage unless you decide to make it visible again. But don't hide them too often, we bet thare's many people, including Us,  interested in what's going on in your reading world :-)


So tell us, show us and write us how is your reading going on :-)