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How to prepare a tasty bookshelf? We have a recipe and all ingredients :)



Our pinch of bookshelf settings is getting bigger and bigger. Following your requests we've added possibility of choosing default shelf view and easy way of taking books off the selected shelf.


Now you can decide what view should be a default view of your Shelf page: Shelf with covers or Table view. You can choose the view on Shelf Settings Page (click settings icon next to a book count on your Shelf page).



You can also take books off a particular status or shelf. This option will not delete books from your Shelf page, it will only take selected books off a given status or shelf.


To take books off a shelf, go to table view, choose one status or one shelf and select books(s) in the table view. Then click Take book(s) off the selected shelf on the top of the table. Selected books will be taken off a chosen shelf. They will stay on your Shelf Page with updated shelves and statuses.


Have a look at the example:


Here's what's going to happen: selected books will be taken off "Oscar book adaptations" shelf. The books will stay on Shelf Page but will not be shelved on "Oscar book adaptations" shelf anymore. New Take off the shelf option works only for one shelf or one status selected. 



We're celebrating Fat Thursday today, so ... we're forgetting about diet and eating donuts while reading. Join us :-) 


Fat Thursday: Donut & Coffee



And here are several donuts books: 


Fantastic illustrations! Love donuts? So does Sam

My Never Ending List: Poor Sam.  He had it all: a nice home, friends and family but he wanted more, lots more, he actual wants millions of donuts.  What does Sam do?  He hops on his tricycle and goes to the city to find them. 



Homer Price - Robert McCloskey  Six episodes in the life of Homer Price including one in which he and his pet skunk capture four bandits and another about a donut machine on the rampage with awesome illustrations. 




The Case of the Missing Donut

pamelaokramer: Picture book about honesty and responsibility. But the kids will think it's about irresistible donuts and a young "sheriff" and his deputy (dog) who can't resist them.


THE DONUT CHEF by Bob Staake

Karin's Book Nook: This 2008 picture book is being re-released. If you missed it the first time around you definitely should check it out. The whole thing is so colorful. Staake's illustrations are very interesting and I love all the various people. This is a great story on many levels, but the message that sometimes less is more definitely seems to be the main focus. This one is also good for looking at competition.