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Discover Your Followers Better

I love my followers

Yes we do, each and every one of you :) Thank you for being with us. BookLikes Community is growing bigger and bigger and today we're giving you new option of discovering your Followers better. 


Go to your Friends - Followers Tab to discover new sorting options for your Followers directory. They can be presented in the following order:


1. date - according to date the blog started following you

2. blog title

3. last activity on BookLikes



This will help you to stay connected and explore new blogs. Please remember that some bloggers need more time to start posting and simply like reading your posts on  their Dashboard.




For those who joined BookLikes recently we have some tips how to get bigger exposure and meet new friends on BookLikes: 


1. Stay active - publish, like and reblog posts, leave comments - it's always nice to show appreciation to read piece of writing. Thanks to "show activity" option you can look through who liked what and discover other blogs.

2. Use Dashboard tag search box - type book title / author or tag to find other writings with a given phrase.

3. Join discussion groups or create your own - you can meet many bloggers during discussion sessions. 

4. Take part in Giveaways - you can meet new friends, and new books. What can be better :)

5. Connect your social media in Settings to let your friends know you're on BookLikes; you can also search your Twitter and Facebook friends on BL in Friends Tab.

6. Explore blogs on Explore Page

7. Grab shelf and reading challenge widgets and add them to your other webpages and BL blog in widget area (Settings/Blog - Customize).