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Discovering New Book Lands

BookLikesFilling up a bookshelf is fun - it's like recalling your memories from childhood till nowadays and some real book treasures can be found. But we know that it can also be time consuming. Don’t worry, the function that you’ve been asking about is coming soon - we'll put book import online ASAP. We’re all looking forward to it but we need to ask you just for little more patience.

While waiting for updates let’s do it old fashioned way and find some new great reads ;-) Adding and searching books and whole BookLikes usage is quite intuitive. So let’s start the book quest. 

BookLikes booksellers* It's really comfy to add books from your location and in your language. Choose your book sources in your Blog Settings and search books from desirable bookish places. So far, there are possible booksellers from these six destinations: USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Poland. But we want more, if you know some great bookish places that we should add, let us know.

** Finding new book is like discovering new land. If you know what you are looking for, you can do it via search box and book sources that you’ve chosen.


*** You can also tag your posts and reviews and discover more. Add tags to your posts then click on Tag that you're interested in at the bottom of your entry and you'll see all posts and reviews with a given notion of book title, author or book genre. 



**** You can look around the service and find brand new book trophies. Book  news of your friends (those you follow) are visible at your Dashboard so it’s easy to follow their bookshelf updates and you're always up to date. To hunt some really great book look through their bookshelves with book favorites and rating stars (that will give you some picture of the book story) and Timelines which present their BookLikes activities in chronological order (book updates, likes, reblogs, reviews and posts). 


***** Read about the books and shelve them. Finding one good book in a high pile of reads can be confusing and frustrating. Some choose the book because of the author, others thanks to nice cover or high ratings of their friends. To know more about books read the reviews, follow your friends' likes and reblogs (all presented in one place -  Timeline). And if you find a post with a book that you'll feel a connection with, just grab it and shelve it on your bookshelf.


It's high time to start a book hunt!


It's Monday - what are you reading this week? Leave us a comment with your recent book treasures :-)