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What a year! Top Books of 2013 by BookLikes Community

What a year! 2013 was busy and exciting for all of us. BookLikes had a public premiere after months of tests, we've welcomed many new book lovers, book bloggers, reviewers, librarians and avid readers. We've won The People's Choice Award at Microsoft European Bizspark Summit 2013 and started cooperation with new bookstores and partners.


We're happy to see that BookLikes Community is growing and that you're so actively participating and helping us in developing and improving BookLikes. Thank you for being with us, for your warm words and support, for critical remarks, patience and motivating us to create a truly special place for book lovers. We couldn't have done it without you guys! :)


We're touched but now ... let's get back to books ;) This year was also important for readers. Take a look at Top Books of 2013 that we've spotted on your blogs.


Favourites 2013 by Nia 

Did you had a good reading year in 2013?

Mine was quite successful. I discovered having a soft spot for m/m books and harry potter fanfictions (best a combination of both^^). I also read a lot of contemporary romance and less fantasy and young adult books in 2013 than in previous years. Think, I will walk this road some more. I wish all my BookLikes friends a Happy New Year. May there be more and better books all the time in 2014! Happy reading. See Top 3 Series, Top 3 Fantasy, Top 3 Erotica, Top 3 YA and more here: Favourites 2013


Best Books of 2013 by Tina's Reading Books 

There were some stand out books that were really wonderful.  I don't put them in any particular order but grouped them somewhat thematically and am breaking down my list in four parts. 

Part 1 - Long running series that really delivered. Not only are these series still killing it, the books released this year represent, arguably, some of the best storytelling happening in in their respective storylines. 

Part 2 - Familiar authors who stepped up to the plate

Second part pf my four part look at my favorites of this year.  This grouping represents those authors that I have read and enjoyed in the past but whose work has neverquite risen to the level of favorite of the year.  Until this year. Discover Part One and Two: Best Books of 2013 - Part 1 - The Overachievers and Best of 2013 - Part 2 - The Journeymen and wait for two more!


Looking Back on 2013 by The Book-Addled Brain

For me, 2013 was 'the year of the chunky monkey.'  I vowed to focus on knocking out of number of chunksters (700+ page books) from my to-read list, and while I didn't stick strictly to my chunky monkey shelf, I think I did a fair job of staying on course and am happy to cross a few thicker books off my reading list. So in 2013, I read 67 1/2 books (I'm stuck halfway through Les Miserables), totaling nearly 20,000 pages.  Here's a quick breakdown of my reading list for 2013... Ream about 2013 books and discover reading plans for 2014: Looking Back on 2013


Best Reads, 2013 by Woman Reading

So there it is... for what it's worth.  All the books that affected me the deepest.  There were a few that I left off.  A lot of the paranormal series that I read, because while I loved them, they weren't the ones that really got to me on a level I thought was strong enough to make this list.  Especially because I was really trying to keep it down and already this feels way too long. I can't wait to see what 2014 brings, both for myself and for you fellow Booklikers! Happy New Year! In no particular order, Wendy's picks for the top books of 2013: Best Reads, 2013


Top 10 books of 2013 (not in order) 

by Lazy girl who reads


If I would haft to put these in orders it would be:  
1: Shatter me 
2: Harry potter 1 
3: The snow Child 
4: The fault in ours stars
5: Wonder See Top 10 books of 2013 by Lazy girl who reads.


2013 to 2014 Random Thoughts by Book Abyss

As the end of the year approaches, I had wanted to write a piece detailing all the books I've read this year as well as all the books published in 2013 that I managed to get my hands on this year.  I love writing and blogging, even if sometimes I have no idea what to blog about.  And I'm not the best writer, but I try to perfect if I can. Simply put, I just really like sharing my thoughts, and since there are very few friends in my actual real life I can discuss books with, I chose to blog my book thoughts.  Thus far, it's been pretty satisfying. 2013 has been quite the year for me as a book worm. Here are 2013 to 2014 Random Thoughts


Top Ten Books of 2013 by Ruth's Book Blog

Angelfall by Susan Ee- So many people have raved about this book I half-expected it to be a complete disappointment. Luckily (for me) it turned out to be an exciting, adrenaline-filled rush of a book – one I simply could not put down.

If I Die by Rachel Vincent-  This was my favourite book series read this year and If I Die was the most exciting and emotional installment.

Suicide Watch by Kelley York- This book has left a lasting impression on me and I have actually re-read it several times already this year. This book made me feel – it completely and utterly captivated me. Meet all Top Ten Books of 2013


Favorite Reading List 2013 by Ami's Hoard

It is that time of the year again when I compile list of my favorite books of 2013. Finding stuffs that are fresh and blew me away was difficult. Having said that, I did have good books this year too. Yes, maybe I didn't read it as many as previously, but being picky WORKED. I only picked up books that I knew I would likely enjoy, from authors I like, and heck, I even tried LGBT fiction books this year. Discover Top Books in  MM ROMANCE/LGBT FICTION, NON-MM ROMANCE and MERLIN/ARTHUR FANFIC: Favorite Reading List 2013


My Top 10 of the year 2013 by Hunger For Knowledge

Most of the year 2013 I spend doing other things, didn't even touch a book before August. I guess you could say I had different kind of book hangover. I am glad I got back to my usual reading rhythm and found all these amazing books to read. Hopefully the year 2014 will be more fulfilling with the reading. Click to read more about My Top 10 of the year 2013


Top 13 of 2013 by valar morghulis 

This time it is to do my top 13 books of 2013, and that includes books I read in 2013 and not just books that were released this year. I think this is a pretty good list. I read a lot of other really good books this year, but these are the ones that stood out to me. Merry belated Christmas and happy new year! See other books in Top 13 of 2013


Top Ten Books of 2013 by Darlene Marshall, author 

It's that time of year, and since all the cool kids are doing it, I'm making my own list of "Best Books of 2013". So here's my Top Ten, culled from my five star rankings. They're in no particular order and believe me, it wasn't easy narrowing this list down! Read more: Top Ten Books of 2013


My Top Books of 2013 by The musings of a Coffee Gent...

2013 was an interesting year for me. Some big name authors put out some terrible books and several debut authors blew me away. Seriously. Three debut novels made up my top four. Lunacy, you might say, but it dang sure gives me hope for the future. Jay Northcote, Garrett Leigh, V.M. Waitt; all names to watch in 2014. And, of course, there’s old favorite like the Voinov/Witt collab, Kaje Harper and J.P Barnaby. And Josh Lanyon who restored my faith in him with Blood Red Butterfly. I began this list thinking I wouldn’t find ten books to pimp, but in the end, I reckon 2013 was actually a bit of a winner. See the book winners here: My Top Books of 2013


Top Ten New-to-me Authors in 2013 by Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

This week on Top Ten Tuesday is about the Top Ten authors we discovered in 2013. And wow, I discovered quite a few really good ones! I actually discovered several authors this year. Some released their debut book in 2013, and others were simply authors whose books I hadn’t gotten around to reading yet.


Rose's Favorite Reads of 2013 by The Reading Perusals of Rose Summers

Yeah, it's that time again.  I can't believe that it's been a little over a year since I did my first "Favorite Reads" post, but this is usually my favorite part of the year to showcase some of the titles that I enjoyed immensely and to showcase what I like to call "book superlatives" to name titles, authors, audiobooks, among other measures in my book perusals. See Rose's Favorite Reads of 2013.


Best of 2013 FictionBest of 2013 Non-fiction and Best of 2013 YA by The Loaded Bookshelf

I do love making lists, so today I'm kicking off my lists of the best books I read this year.  Today, YA!  Looking back through my reading record, YA seems like it was really hit or miss for me this year - click here: Best of 2013 YA

Continuing with my 2013 Best-of lists, herewith is the non-fiction I enjoyed or admired most this year.  It seems I leaned most toward science writing and true crime. - read more: Best of 2013 Non-fiction

I read some amazing fiction this year, and my favorites covered a wide range, from a novel about baseball to one about a female pirate in the nineteenth century.  A great haul! - more here: Best of 2013 Fiction


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Have a wonderful party time on New Year's Eve and see you on BookLikes in 2014!