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New Commentary System - Get Ready for Book Talk

Leave a commentOne of the most requested features from you was comment boxes on Dashboard. Oh yes, it’s ready and online now! Get ready for book talk. We have a new commentary system on BookLikes.


Now you can comment on a given review, post, photo, video - simply any writing directly on Dashboard! We’ve prepared a new commentary system, independent and dedicated for BookLikes and BookLikes Community. You can switch it of/off in your Settings/Blog.


New comment boxes are visible under each piece of writing here on Dashboard and on your public blog. Just click on "Comment" under the post and write what you think about a given writing. Next to your comment a photo with a link to your blogwill appear - that helps in following your readers and finding new book friends.


Leave a comment


To start a vivid discussion start following interesting blogs and other avid readers and reviewers. You can find BookLikes Community on Explore Page where we present blogs adjusted to your language version of BookLikes.


All comment options are available in your Blog Settings. You can choose from three available systems, pick one or all of them:

  • BookLikes comment system,
  • Disqus,
  • Facebook comment box.


Select those whoch suits you best and if you have any remarks or requests, please let us know.


What do you think? Please leave a comment :-)