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Spooky Reads For Halloween - Horror Books That You Loved

Get in the mood for Halloween with scary reads. If you love spooky atmosphere, you'll surely enjoy horror books that we found on your blogs (to read all review, click the link). Which book will you be reading tomorrow?


If you like creepy, skin-crawling type horror without in your face gore you should definitely check out this collection. - BarkLessWagMore recommends These Lonely Places.  


Shirley Jackson's prose is out of this world. But not only is her prose fabulous, the way she tells this story puts her miles above most horror authors working today. - Char's Horror Corner about We Have Always Lived in the Castle.


If you like getting scared indoors, this anthology of horror stories is an excellent alternative to being chased by zombies. - Bookivorous recommends Bleed


There aren't a lot of books that I would call both macabre and good-hearted; as a matter of fact, I can think of only one: This one. - A Reciprocal Love Affair With Books about A Night in the Lonesome October.


If you're a fan of monsters and/or Halloween (whether you have kids or not) this is a purchase you won't regret. - The Fangirl recommends Frankenstein not only for kids.


Immediately after I finished reading the first book in this series, Infected, I had to continue with Contagious (...) I knew that it was more action-packed, intense and gory apocalyptic horror just waiting for me. - The Aussie Zombie about Contagious.


They’re all quietly creeptastic and it’s easy to see where a few of them are going if you read too much horror as a kid. I’d have to say the Wendigo might be my favorite but I also loved the slow build of the asylum tale where the inmates far outnumber the staff and a young newbie is told, most ominously, "They are in charge. We just do what we can." Yikes, you just know some bad shit is going to go down but it doesn’t happen in a predicable way. - BarkLessWagMore about That Which Should Not Be.


You know when you're experiencing something traumatic? It's difficult for your mind to process the horror of it. And everything slows down, or seems to? That's how I felt listening to Tana, the protagonist. Everything is in slow motion as we hear her internal dialog. She wakes up to a house full of her dead friends, blood and death and horror everywhere. - Tullia (the sleepy reader) about The Coldest Girl in Coldtown.


Now the first two books are not "scare your pants off" scary, only slightly spooky in their creepy, gothic-y goodness.  Sometimes the most terrifying thing isn't necessarily the boogeyman who jumps out and grabs you, but the chilling terror that lurks unknown in the shadows. - Ricki's Book Nook recommends Dracula, The Little Stranger and The Shining.


I love Ronald Malfi writing. This man can go creepy, creepy, creepy! When he ties things up with a nice red ribbon...that ribbon is blood red. Cradle Lake was no different. - A Book and A Review #2 recommends Cradle Lake.


Personally, I wouldn't have been able to read this book a year ago. It would have been rubbing alcohol to paper cuts. So it felt a lot like this book has been waiting for me (kinda like a stalker, yeah). The monster once told Conor that stories are wild creatures that may wreak havoc when you let them loose, and this broke a bit of mine in order for it to be fixed in places I didn't even know were broken. I came in blind and you should too. The universe wants to be noticed, I read somewhere, but this book… this book deserves it. - ashwednesday gives 5 starts to A Monster Calls.


I listened the audiobook and I really think some of the story benefited from having it read to me. The horror aspects probably wouldn’t have been as vivid to me if I had read it on my own, but having a guy read it to me in a creepy voice really made the difference. - In Libris Veritas recommends listening to Anna Dressed in Blood.


I enjoyed the way the story unravelled at a surprisingly good pace for Mr King and I enjoyed the way the tension built peppered with mangled legs, vile head injuries and some rather creative cussing. - There's more to life than books, but it's a good place to start about Misery.


Each taking place in a mortuary, these four short stories read like well-written episodes of Tales from the Crypt. When you think you know where it’s going, prepare for a clever twist. - Book Wilde loved Mortuary Horror stories


This book was fabulous. I was like an Unconsecrated myself, pressed up to my iPad and moaning when it ended, hungering for more. I loved this because it isn't the typical dystopian novel you'd find today. - t and a book about The Forest of Hands and Teeth.


It was a good read and I was happy I did read the entire book as one of the final stories became my favorite (...) I would recommend this as a read this season and anytime you want something thrilling to read. - Marsha Gomes-Mckie's Blog recommends Thirty Scary Tales.


The book was full of twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. Some shocked me and some made me quite disappointed. No character was safe, even the ones I favoured, but it just added to the excitement. - Kitty's Book Blog about Sow And You Shall Reap.


I was shaking from page 50 till the end. I jumped from the bed after discovering it was only my cat making that weird noise and ran to my sister's room to finish this book. I love it when an author could arouse my emotions: make feel afraid, angry, happy, sad, etc. It proves they're an amazing writer. Ten is a story full of mystery and twists and turns. - Lady Danielle loved Ten.


What books would you recommend for Halloween evening?