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BookLikes Welcomes All Newcomers! :-)

BookLikes WelcomesWe’re really happy to see so many new book lovers on BookLikes and we want to say “Welcome!” to all newcomers!


We hope you gonna love BookLikes and find it so enjoyable and engaging just like we and all BookLikes community do. We wanted to add and calm you down that BookLikes is independent (you asked about that) and that the most important for us is creating a special place for people who love reading books, writing and talking about them. So if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please drop us a line. We appreciate all the feedback - use chat option (on the left) or mail us.


Now a little bit about BookLikes :-) BookLikes is an international platform designed for book lovers with a personal website where you can post your thoughts about books, book news, authors, shelve your books on a virtual bookshelf and organize your reading life on a timeline (click links to read more). You can also find other avid readers, bloggers and reviewers on Explore page and follow them, their writings and book updates on Dashboard.


Your account has 2 views - administrative (visible only to you) and public.


- Administrative view includes: Dashboard (a la Stream), Blog (where you see all your posts, drafts, your book updates) and Shelf (where you collect and organize books) and Timeline (with your book-likes in chronological order);

- Public view includes (click on your photo or blog name): Blog which is your personal webpage, Shelf (your virtual bookshelf visible to others), Timeline and sites of your own which can be added in yourSettings;


What’s really important for us is personalization. Well, reading is very personal activity after all. Personalization can be done in several ways. All personalization features are available in your Settings in particular tabs:


- General where you can use your own domain, connect social media and choose language version of BookLikes (English, German, Polish);

- Blog where you can choose blog theme designs, choose visible sites and set homepage for your webpage and switch on comments features;

- Search where you can choose book sources for your search box,

- Shelf where you can import books from other sites  and

- Pages where you can add new sites to your existing webpage (click on links to read more).


We want to add and calm you down that right now import function may work a little slow but we're doing everything to bring all your books to your shelves as soon as possible, we don't want to miss any of your book. So don't worry, they will pop up on your shelves soon and thank you for your patience. And one more time sorry for this book-on-shelf delay.


All updates are available on BookLikes blog ( where we post information about existing, new and upcoming features. Recently we’ve added half star rating system and possibilities to add affiliate programs that you’re using to your BookLikes webpage. You can also get all updates and information about recent reviews and news in BookLikes Newsletter (click links to read more).


If you have any question, write to us. We’ll be happy to support, help and chat about books :-) If you have any suggestions, drop us a line too :-) We're open to new ideas and your requests. We hope to see you and ready you on BookLikes quite often:-) One more time “Welcome!”.