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No interview with a blogger today. Feel free to share some insults in the Shakespearean style

We know it's Friday. We know it supposed to be Follow Friday with book bloggers. But sometimes the world has other plans. So today, we've decided to share some insults. If you're feeling disappointed with today's non-Follow Friday post, please share your favorite Shakespearean insult below. You can also build your own. 


The Shakespearean insult generator presented by Invaluable is an excellent tool when you're looking for a witty remark. You can even find a perfect insult for any occasion thanks to special filters (check them out).


We've decided to present several with a book-related context. We bet that not only Shakespeare enthusiasts gonna love the following insults.



When you meet people who don't read books, say:



When somebody tries to re-tell the classics, say:


When you spot a person who puts a book in a trash bin, cry out loud: 


When your friends want's to watch the book-based movie before reading the book, advice:


If your friends say that your book passion is dull, it's high time to say:


When you see somebody is devastating a paper book, say:


Now it's your turn.