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BookLikes Fixes: Facebook, ASINs, Last tags

As we've mentioned several days ago our developers prepared several BookLikes updates. Some of the features were fixed, some of them were brought back, and other will receive additional works. 


Please look at the following list of the updates:





Yes! BookLikes + Facebook connection is finally back!


You can connect your Facebook profile with your BookLikes account in your Settings (menu -> Settings). 




When you connect your BL and FB account all your posts and reviews will be shared automatically on your Facebook profile. You can turn off the auto-posting any time by deactivating the Facebook icon next to the text editor window.


Gree icon = active, grey icon = inactive. Click the icon to switch from active into inactive. 


You can also log in to your BookLikes account with your Facebook account. 



Just remember that the e-mail address for your Fb and BL account should be the same in order to make the connection successful. 


Note: Please have in mind that our developers will be improving the BookLikes-> Facebook connection and auto-posting. Some works are planned but they should not interfere with the actual status. 





ASIN problem is finally fixed! Now you can add, remove and edit the ASINs in the book edit form. All users can edit the book details -- the changes will appear on the book pages once accepted by the BookLikes Librarians so don't worry when your edits won't be visible instantly. 



Click edit to add or update the book information 


Now you can add a new Kindle edition of your favorite books


The edits made by the Librarians don't require verification and are visible one the book pages immediately. 





Last tags are finally here! The feature vanished but it was successfully brought back presenting your most recently used tags in the handy Last tags spot next to the text editor. 




We're still working on:


- BookLikes -> Goodreads synchronization - the feature is under review and will be turned on shortly 

- The longer list of authors in the book edit form (sorry Jenn, it will be available with the next round


And now, let's celebrate! 




BookLikes should be working fine but if you notice anything alarming about the service or its features, please don' hesitate and let us know at or mail or use the Need help? supprt box on the left.

Thank you!