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Communty support always at hand

We always knew that BookLikes community is special. It's not different now. BookLikes blogger Murder by Death has created a support group to help newbies and regular BookLikes bloggers take the best advantage of BookLikes. The group is called How to BookLikes and it's very open waiting to be explored. We would also like to draw your attention to several other discussion rooms which may come in handy when hanging on BookLikes.


To be part of the following groups click the button, join and say hello.


How to BookLikes Group by Murder by Death

Intro: This is a group created to help BookLikers get the most out of BookLikes. Tips on adding books and editing books, using your shelves efficiently and customising your blogs will be gathered here for easy reference. Threads will be available to ask questions and get answers from the wider community...


Several more groups to join:


Book club: Bookish Box Swaps by Jessica (HDB)

The home of the bookish box swap! Send a box filled with book related goodies, and receive one in return!


Find New Booklikes Blogs To Follow

Find new people to follow, let new people to find you. This group is dedicated to finding new people to interact on Booklikes. Let's keep the discussion sections in minim, clean and readable. Ideas, suggestions should be directed to Think Thank- discussion. This is a group for everyone and anyone. This is a result of good community and great teamwork. Let's connect.

Booklikes Bookish Bingo Club by Moonlight Blizzard

A place for Booklikes Bingo updates and other outreach to the wider booklikes community!


BookLikes Librarians Official Group

A place where BookLikes Librarians can work together, talk, discuss, share ideas how to improve BookLikes and the BookLikes book catalog. Welcome BookLikes Librarians! :-)

If you wish join BookLikes Librarians team, request a membership.


This group is created to gather BookLikes community together and provide its members with the support. If you wish to let the BL team know that something is not working right, please use the Bug reports thread.
Recently we've also added a directory with all BookLikes blog posts which present the insights into BookLikes features and some tutorials.
BookLikes tips


  • To grab more BL tips & trick, please visit BookLikes FAQ webpage.
  • To look through community tips and previous BookLikes posts, search tutorials in the search box and click tags, or simply click here and here
  • If the following posts and groups won't answer all your questions, feel free to drop us a line. Please use the Need help tab or mail us directly (send your Qs to Kate at As always, we'll be happy to help and support.