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Update: step by step

Hey guys, in case some of you missed our last post and the comment section there, here's a little update.


We've also seen some heated discussions and rumors going on there, so here's information about our status.


BookLikes is back online and it's not going offline apart from scheduled maintenance now.


But first things first.


Now it's time to fix, repair & make all stable, we're examining all the remarks sent by you and double check the site, all its features and functions to make sure those nasty bugs that have interfered with the site lately will not happen again. Nothing happens overnight, though. A lot of work awaits but it's all in progress.



You can also count on our help and support, so if you notice that some features still experience hiccups and require technical support, do let us know and send us a message.


We also plan on publishing regular posts about You. In the near future we'll get back to Book Blog Talks and Author Talks but also to BookLikes feature posts. For now, we'll publish more descriptive posts about BookLikes features as a reminder for regular BookLikers and hints for the newbies here.


If you have some ideas which topics should be covered first or you'd like to share some ideas of yours, please let us know. Send a message to Kate titled "BL blog post ideas".

And to make things clear, we're here and we're not going anywhere. Step by step, BookLikes is back on track.


And again, thank you for your support, great to see you all in here :)