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[REBLOG] 5 Ways to Get Cheap books

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If you don't live in USA, you may have noticed that books in paperback or hardcover format are really expensive. (For example: Spain)


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Paperback format): $7,39



And Harry Potter and the Globet of Fire (Spanish version): Hardcover format (Because in Spain paperback format doesn't exist, you have to buy hardcover format yes or yes.): 23€ = $30,33...



 Can you see?! I have to spend millions for have 5 books!


For that reason I started thinking about ways to have cheap books. Someone can think 'Amazon' is the best option, it is not.  'Amazon' has the same prices of other shops. So I started (again) thinking about other ways to have cheap books and I found 5. Do you want to read them?!(ilegal things are not included)

After that you will have new ideas of get books!


5 ways of have cheap books:


5. Amazon: Used books section.

    I know I told you Amazon was a bad idea for buy books if you are not in USA, but sometimes you can get some cheap books in 'Used book section', if you find someone who lives in the same country as you



4. Books without copyright:


    Problem(?): You can't read new releases, only books which copyright is expired or books from non famous authors that share their book without any cost for you! (that's cool!)

      1. Proyecto Gutenberg

           'Project Gutenberg offers over 42,000 free ebooks. Our ebooks are free because their copyright has expired. The webpace works with colaborators who become books in e-books. In his statement, is the freedom to publish and then use those books in which the reader considers reasonable, such as adapting the story into a play. It has an online catalog is easy to navigate and to download publications in different formats, depending on the reading device.



        This website has a catalog of more than 29,000 available eBooks including formats for Kindle, Nook, iPad and most eReaders available on the market. You can filter by language titles to proceed to download. The publications are available for free under Creative Commons licence.


        3. Librodot

            This website collects about 11,000 royalty free books classic authors, little known or unpublished. Among its holdings are also scientific manuals and dissertations.



3. Giveaways on Booklikes:

    Cost: FREEEEEEEE (If you win the contest).

    In this section you can find books or ebooks that author of the giveaway (Usually Author of the giveaway is Author of the book), raffles the book between the people who participate in the giveaway. (If you are lucky as me, you can win a lot of new books, and meet a lot of new authors that maybe you are going to love).

In adiccition, when author sends you the book, you can ask him/her some questions about the book, about other books he/she has written...

And giveaway section woks really good! Authors always send the book! Even in paperback format!

It is amazing, right?!?!





2. Book Market and 'Daily deals' section!!


     In this kind of places you can have a considerable discount in the price of the books.There you can find new releases and you can find a big discount or just a discount in the book different from the ordinary book shops.

Price is not too low for considerate a 'cheap book' but I put this place in the number 2 because you can buy book have just released on market with a discount that you wouldn't find on ordinary book shops.


   - 'Daily deals' section! (Only for people who wants to buy on and Shipping costs aren't gigant...)



1. Ordinary Market


      Between clothes and food, you can find people selling books almost by free! The other day I was in a ordinary market, and there were a lot of people selling used books and I bought 13 books only for 14€!!!!

And the best thing of all if you find a book that you really like, you can negotiate the price! Always you can negociate the price! So maybe you can get a book for less than 1€ or $2! Amazing, right?!?!

This sellers sell all kind of books, maybe you find a new release or a book from 50's. I foound 'Harry Potter and the prisioner of Azkaban' and 'Sex and the city'!!!! Only 1€ for each book! I found some books from Nicholas Sparks or the last book of Dan Brown!

In the market you can find almost a million of books! And if you are a lover of old books, omg this is the heaven for you! and if you love new releases is a heaven for you too!!!

Maybe you can't go with a preliminar idea of what you would like to buy, you have to go with no idea about what you will buy, just with the idea: I am gonna buy books!  And you have to look for among books and books, and I am sure you will find a treasure!!!!