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Book Page of Single Edition and Discovering Giveaways

Today's book features will help you in discovering new books and other avid readers with similar reading taste. Let's greet Book Page of single Edition and better discovery of Giveaways.


Now when you click on a book you’ll see new link in a book window. Book page of this edition will transfer you to book page of that given book where you’ll be able to discover reviews and other readers who shelved this book. This will also help you in discovering interesting texts and bloggers who share your reading taste.


On book page you'll able to see who reviewed and shelved the book. You can also add a given book to your shelf and write review - just click on a book cover and choose one of the option.



You can also share the book in your social media. Click social share button (Tweet, Like, +1, Pin it) and add text of your choice, e.g. I'm reading it and it's great. You can  do the same in small book pop up window. Remember to connect your social media in Settings/General first. 




As you’ve noticed BookLikes presents book information from many book sources. You can choose them in Settings/Search, just tick bookstores and decide which ones should be visible and active in your search box. For this reason we cannot present single book page but we can present book page for single edition which will be combined later on (we hope you'll help us make it happen). 


Next information is for all who love Giveaways. We've received very positive feedback and many smileys from those who won and received their brand new books. Congratulation to you and Thanks for all those who share their books with others :-) Now you’ll be able to discover giveaways in several ways: by book format, book language and book availability (country it can be shipped to). This will make it easier to find a book that fits your preferences and destination.




Following your requests Shelf Widget received extra feature. You can choose books not only from default shelves: Read, Currently reading, Planning to read but you can also pick books from thematic shelves that you've added. Now you can show off books from all your BookLikes Shelves on your other webpages and on your blog on BookLikes (customization).