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Giveaway Widget & New Explore and Blogs Discovery Site In Progress

Today’s Thursday Release is special. It’s not only about features that we have made for you but it’s also a promise of changes to come (exciting!). Today we present your Giveaway Widget and book blog categories which constitute a significant part in development of Explore page, a new blogs discovery site.


Giveaway Widget is available on Goodies/Widgets page where you can grab a code for widget of a book you want to give away and add it to your other websites. If you created more than one Giveaway (well done!) you can get a code for each of your Giveaway book. That’s how you can popularize your Giveaways, motivate others to read and show off books to win.


You can also add your Giveaway Widget to your BookLikes webpage by using HTML customization (Settings/Blog -> Customize -> Edit HTML). If you don’t feel comfy with HTML, just wait several days and we’ll add easy customization tool to add widgets to your BookLikes blog.

Now about the second feature. Some of you have probably noticed while logging into BookLikes a pop up with title Book Blog Directory - Pick Genres You Read & Review (if yo haven't seen it yet, you'll see that soon with next log in). It's a short form that will be very helpful while creating new Explore and blogs discovery site - BookLikes book blog directory.


Please take a sec and fill it up - it’s fast and easy - just check literary genres that you’re reading and writing about on your blog on BookLikes and we’ll use your answers to create new updated super-duper Explore page :-) With this and other developments we’ll implement, you’ll be able to look through BookLikes blogs based on literary genres and your reading preferences and easily find and start following those that fit your reading taste. We hope to reveal new look of Explore page in several weeks.


Yo can pick several categories but remember to fill the form only with relevant genres as it will influence how your blog will be categorized. Choose wisely as we can verify some blogs. If you review a wide range of books, choose General fiction plus one or two additional categories.


Share the news and encourage your Followers to do the same. Thanks to it Explore page will be diversified, friendly and busy :-) 


If you haven't noticed the pop up with blog categories or would like to change your blog categories choice, do it in Settings/Blog -> Blog Categories.



Remember that you can also tag your posts. While writing a review, text, posting a photo, link or video add thematic tags and make others find your blog and your writings via Tag Search Box (on Dashboard in right column).