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ReExplore Booklikes Adventure

— feeling evolution

Whether you are a Newbie, or you have been hanging around for a while, Booklikes invites you to rediscover its Explore feature. Inspired by the Booklikers Think Tank (applause) brought by the BL team, here it is.


Now, the Explore gives you a better scoop of what is going on here and now on Booklikes. Meet BookLikers by lurking into one of 6 nooks: Just published, Popular blogs, Rising up,Top Reviewers, Hot reviews and  BookLikes Authors & Publishers.


Depending where you’d like to go from here, you can either choose any of 31 book categories, take a tour of All blogs across the platform, or narrow your path to Authors & Publishers blogs only. Switch to German, or Polish if you up for some globetrotting.



New posts feed


While you can see the recent posts from the users you follow on your dashboard, Just published section gives you an overview of what has been published on the platform within last 24 hrs. Come here for your piece of news.



Find the best match


Choosing the book category you are into and ticking off the All Blogs box will allow you to discover new bloggers to follow, in result you will also find out about new titles that are very likely to be to your taste.



Discover a hidden gem


Rising up filter will bring the niche to the spot light. Introduce yourself to the newbies just arrived  to BookLikes. You will also find bloggers who have been here for quite a while, however their reviews haven’t received a wide audience yet. Bloggers, Author and Publishers - be a head hunter and get to discover them first.


Apart from the new additions, you will still find the good old Popular blogs, Top Reviewers and Hot reviews sections on the Explore page.



A piece of advice from BookLikes Regulars


When spotting a new review on the Explore page, or your dashboard it is always a good idea to move down to comments section, it' like meeting someone at the bar and finding you've ordered the same drink - you can either node at them, or strike up a conversation.

Moonlight Reader says:




Show me your book shelf and I will see if I want to follow you


What bloggers put on their shelf is probably the best indicator of whether you can be the book buddies. As it might be a good idea to follow mainly the  Authors & Publishers who fit in your book category, wider the scoop of reviewers you follow. People of seemingly very different taste to yours can be really inspirational, they will be your guide into the unknown territory.

Char's Horror Corner says:

Finally, go through your friends list and see who they are following - the reviews you value are very likely to attract bloggers of the same ilk. Oh and people you used to follow you-know-where before you have all came to BL, a lot of them are here, as well. Let's reunion.



Shout-out for Newbies and "Underfollowed" (but Active) Blogs


This is probably the most exciting BL discussion and should definitely be the first stop for newly registered BookLikers, come in and introduce yourself to everybody, like Audio Book Junkie did. And for BL code of conduct check out  What are the booklikes basics for newcomers.

You will also find people recommending one another blogs that have not been getting the attention they deserve, like these:

And why not following this great resolution from Books, hockey, and a bucketful of snark:



Active Reviewer Bloggers


Whereas other discussions are mainly for people to share their discoveries and help out underfollowed users this one is for some serious networking.  Good place for the regular bloggers to come and  introduce themselves in person and give a brief description of what they are into, when and where to find them:



Active Author and Publisher Bloggers


There are a lot of Author and Publishers on BookLikes who are here to engage with the readers. Don't assume they would ignore you, they here to interact, same as you. If you are an Author, or Publisher but you have not received your official badge yet give us a shout here.


P.S. some of them use BL more incognito. If you are watchful enough you will find them, join in the discussion and see who's who.