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We have new edit options for your reviews, posts and tags on BookLikes

It's high time for a new feature for your blog on BookLikes! We've received many requests concerning editing your posts and tags, and following your suggestions we're happy to introduce a smart looking table of content of your blog and new editing options. Let's start!


When you go to the Blog view (choose Blog from the upper menu), you'll notice a new button, called Mass edit posts and tags. 



Click it to see the table of content of your blog's posts that can be sorted and filtered according to your preferences, and edited. 



The Post mass editor page presents all your posts (published, drafts, to publish) that can be sorted according to the post type (text, photo, url, video, quote, review), viewed on blog and edited anytime (click edit on the right). 


If you want to find posts from a given time period enter the dates and click show. You can also add various search options, e.g.: text posts published between April 1 and April 16 with a BookLikes tag.


When you select all parameters, in the example above: post type, post status, dates, tag, click Show - the post mass editor page will show you the posts which correspond to your parameters.



You can also select posts (mark checkboxes on the left) and mass delete posts and edit your tags in these posts (add new tags OR remove tags). 



If you want to reset the search options, change all parameters to "0" and click Show. The page will present all your posts and tags. 


Have a look at the Mass editor know-how poster with a short characteristic of all options. Click the image to enlarge. 


Click to enlarge the view of the know-how guidelines.