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BookLikes Goodies - Widgets

Show your BookLikes Shelf on your other sites and let others discover your Booklikes webpage - let us introduce you first course in BookLikes Goodies Menu, Widgets. 


Widgets are  an excellent way to show off your BookLikes shelf on your other sites that you have. Now you can create bookshelf widget of your Read, Planning to read or Currently reading books.


Go to Goodies Page - the entrance is on the upper navigation bar next to Giveaways, Explore and Daily Deals - and create your BookLikes widget.


You can customize your widget

with the following options:


- give your widget a title;

- choose widget style;

- pick total number of books and books in one row - this will influence widget size;

- select how books should be sorted: by read date (read books), add date, rating stars (read books), author, title;

- choose book cover size - small / medium / big.


Once you choose your options, copy/paste HTML into your Web site and voila! 


You can also add 'Follow me on BookLikes' widget with number of your BookLikes Followers and link to your BookLikes webpage.



On Widget page you’ll also find BookLikes social icons that you can use and show your BookLikes profile next to your other social media on your other websites. Show your writing and Shelf - feel free to download images and implement them on your other blogs and sites with a link to your BookLikes profile.


And now it's time for Goodies :-)