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BookLikes is Growing: Scheduled Maintenance on Thursday

BookLikes is growing

We're extremely happy to see that BookLikes community is growing so fast. BookLikes has became a hub for book lovers from all around the world showing that the passion for reading and reviewing bonds and creates close relationships, and is perfect for global community.


We've launched the redesigned BookLikes to public in 2013, introduced nearly 100 Thursday releases since then and gathered tens of thousands members, growing every week. We're blown away with this success (!) but this remarkable achievement couldn't have been done without you: readers, reviewers, bloggers, authors and publishers -- thanks to your engagement we're developing and improving on daily basis making BookLikes the best place for all book lovers. Your satisfaction is the ultimate measure of BookLikes' performance and a sign of fulfilled expectations and trust. This success is also your success!


This incredible growth brought big smiles on the BookLikes Team's faces and was a trigger to perform big changes. For your convenience we're moving to brand new high performance servers which are bigger, faster and will ensure further development and growth of BookLikes. They will also allow us to work better with a growing number of the community -- so hands on keyboards and prepare the invitations -- we're ready to welcome all your friends and family on BookLikes :-)


The server relocation is a complex process which needs time, for this reason BookLikes will be down for maintenance on Thursday. We'll make the process as fast as possible, however, the move can take up to 9 hours as it's a serious undertaking and needs to be performed with the utmost caution and attention.


The maintenance will start at 5:30 am UTC on Thursday 26 March, 2015. Please remember that this time will vary to your time zones.


All your shelves, books, reviews, posts and webpages will be safe and secure, they will be alive on new servers on Thursday afternoon/evening. Thursday will be a special day of dual release: new server's performance and new Thursday feature. We're looking forward to both of these!


Thank you for being with us :-)