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How to edit your book review?


Editing ain't easy. Sometimes a typo occurs or a new thought is born and you feel it will fit better the review, then you edit. Now you can enter the edit mode not only from your admin view but also your public blog.


If you notice that some words should be rephrased or other formatting would work better in your text while browsing your BookLikes webpage, click the edit icon in the upper right corner to go to the edit mode. 



Make the correction and click Save. Your post will be updated. 



There are several other places where you can edit your posts:


1. Admin view (the one when you log into) - choose Blog from the main menu and use the search boxes on the right to find a specific blog post. You can search via post title, book title, tags. 



2. Shelf - choose Shelf from the main menu, switch to the table view, find a book and click edit in the review column. You can stick to Reviewed shelf to make the search easier or use the shelf search box to find a right book. 





Showing your reading plans and challenges is great and can motivate other readers and your friends. Your Reading Challenge page has just received social share buttons so when you update your reading challenge books you can share the news with your online community. 


To enter your reading challenge page, click the Reading Challenge headline on the Dashboard or choose Apps/Reading Challenges in the main menu.


Remember to add the read dates to books you finished reading to make them count to your challenge.