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Reading List Is Never Just A Random Collection of Books - Your Reading Lists Retouched


Carlos María Domínguez once said 

To build up a library is to create a life.

It’s never just a random collection of books. 

Reading Lists, just like your books on bookshelves, present reading ideas, guidelines, inspirations for you and other book lovers, and they are seldom random. That's why we've decided to add some improvements to the literary guides to polish their appearance on BookLikes. 


First of all, now you can search not only from the Book Catalog but also from your Shelf. This will help you to create a list with books you've already read and can recommend with an open heart. 




Secondly, we've added the description field for your reading lists. Some of you requested the ability to add a short summary of what the list is about and why these particular books have been chosen. Now you can add a short description when creating a list or add one to your existing reading guide. 



Thirdly, the reading list page presents the number of books added -- this can be used as a reading order, and can be helpful in the book series and collections reading lists. 




Finally, we've made the Edit option for your reading lists more visible to spot and use. You can modify your reading lists, add/remove books, add a description any time.






The book series names are visible on the book pages. If the book entry includes the book series information, it will be visible on the book page. You can also add book series information by editing the book page. 



The Photo Size Limit for the uploaded images and a Photo Post has been changed to 4MB. The limit for a photo added via image URL link (the upper tool bar in the writing box) is unlimited.



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