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Books on Your Shelves & Features Requests

booksHaving all books in one place is very important for all book lovers and we’re doing everything to import your books as soon as possible (you can import your books in Settings/Shelf). We know it takes a while and we're sorry for this delay. If you encounter any troubles or have questions or remarks, please feel free to contact us any time. And in the meanwhile let us introduce you with features available on Shelf on BookLikes and features that we’re planning to release soon.


Virtual bookshelf on BookLikes has many functions, from collecting and organizing to searching and rating. You can put your books according to their reading status (read, currently reading and read). You can also add additional information like to those statuses, like number of pages you've read so far and dates when you started or finished reading a given book (then a book will be put on your Timeline according to your dates, so you always be up to date with your reading progress). When you finish a given book or add it as “Read” you can add stars and half-stars (we’re proud of our half-star rating system :-) ).


If you forget to add rating or simply don't remember if you've already added a book to your reading list you can easily search your shelf. To search through your bookshelf, choose first icon in the search box (little magnifying glass), write title and you’ll see if the book is on your shelf or not.



You can also give a special attribute to your books, like ‘Favorite”, “Wishlist” and “Private” (nobody sees it but you). Those are not separate shelves but additional markers for your books. To add your own shelves, click “Add new shelf” and name it as you wish, then you can easily put books with any status mentioned above on your own thematic shelves (for example Read, Mystery Books).


To make shelving books faster and easier we made it possible to shelve them directly from bookstores. Just drag the little “Shelve It” button to your bookmark bar and add books to your shelf while visiting bookstores. We know that the bookstore choice is limited now but here we’re moving to the exciting part of features that we want to relese.


New featuresThe following list was made by us and many of our BookLikers, including those who recently joined us (we’re very happy of that!) and if you have some additional feature requests, please let us know! Write them in comments below (click on blog title and go down the page), mail us or use chat box on the left.


Some of our points on to-do list for Shelf:

- manual book adding, so you can add books that stay unavailable in bookstores;

- connect books on shelf with reviews on your blog, to make a direct link with books you’ve read and your thoughts about them;

- putting books on many shelves, now you can choose reading status and shelf of your own,

- reading challenges to have year reading goal;

- reading statistics;

- shelve it button for other bookstores

- more bookstores, of course

- special features for authors, we know you’re here :-)


The list is longer of course but we want to know what’s the most important for you. We love gathering new ideas and make them real. So don’t wait and let us know about them :-) We appreciate all your feedback and suggestions. Thank you!