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It’s Monday. What are you reading?

It's Monday and we're curious how do you start your new literary week? So what's on your "Currently reading" shelves? Let's peep at some of the BookLikers' bookshelves, discover your next great reads and share yours!

Apparently a lot of BookLikers read more than one book what makes us extremely happy :-)


      Angels With Attitude Book Reviews is reading: 


     Sabrina is reading:                                                                     


 Olivia Smith is reading:  

 Lillelara is reading:          

Literary Exploration is reading:      

pesca is reading:                            

 lesemaniac is reading:                   

Bella's Wonderworld is reading:     

consouls Bücherregal is reading:   



  is reading:         is reading:  

 is reading:        is reading: 


And what's on your Currently Reading list? Share your reads and book recommendations in comments :-) (click on post title and add notes below)