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Welcome to BookLikes!

Welcome BookLikers :) We’re very happy to see you at BookLikes and that you’ve decided to join BL Team and become BookLikes contributors.

The BookLikes Team says "Thank you and welcome!" to all of you :)

As you’ve already noticed we’ve changed a lot - BookLikes got new design inside and outside with many new amazing functions (and more to come soon). But our goal is still the same - BookLikes is all about reading, reviewing and discovering new great books. We hope that thanks to new layout and feature all of this will be easy, fast and really fun to do.

But you are the ones who’ll let us know about that. We need your help and your feedback before going public in order to make everything perfect.


Read, review, test, use it all and encourage us to do more.

We appreciate and need all the feedback, suggestions, brainwaves and critical remarks. (Don’t be too harsh, though. If you like something, do write it too:))

So are you ready? We are! Challenge us and let us know what we can do better!
On your mark … Get set … Go!! 


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