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How to add Facebook and Twitter widgets


No matter whether you are a writer, publisher or a book bloggers, it's important to present all possible information about your profession and links to your other webpages and other social platforms. Only then your readers will be able to look through your dossier and get to know you a little bit better. Recently we've shared some tips how to include all the professional information on your book blog and now we're moving to widgets, another great way of presenting your writings. 


Did you know you can add Facebook Fan Page and Twitter widget to your BookLikes webpage? If you didn't OR if you did but still wasn't sure how to do it, well, here's BookLikes team for a rescue!


Once you add the social media widgets to your BookLikes blog your readers can start following your Twitter account and like your Facebook Fan Page instantly. They can also have a peek at your social media channels directly from your blog page. That is very convenient both for the author/publisher/blogger and for the readers so we definitely recommend adding them.



How to add a Facebook Fan Page widget on your BookLikes webpage


That's easy-peasy! Let's do it!
1. If you have a Facebook Fan Page (the widget is only for the Fan Pages, not the Facebook profiles) just copy the Facebook link you see when you're visiting your FB Fan Page:
2. Paste the link in the customization tab in the Facebook Like Box widget frame (menu->Settings->Blog->Customize and Save (like in the screenshot below):
How to add Twitter widget to your BookLikes webpage

When it comes to your Twitter widget, you should create a widget on the Twitter page and then add it to your BookLikes account. Here's a step by step instruction with screen shots to make it all clear. It may sound and look tricky but it's really fast and easy when you know where to click and paste :)

1. First you should go to your twitter account and the press Settings and Privacy in the menu, and choose Widgets on the left menu


2. Then choose "Create new" and choose Profile from the list:

3. Paste your Twitter address and choose a display mode, we like the embedded timeline.

4. The widget looked really big (below is the preview) so we decided to click "set customization options" to make it similar to the Facebook like widget and to adjust it to the blog page:
5. Once we entered new size dimensions it looked perfect (you can use the same dimensions for yours).
6. Click Update.
7. Then press the code and it will be automatically copied.
8. And go to your BookLikes.

​9. Go to the customization tab on BookLikes (menu->Settings->Blog->Customize and paste the Twitter widget code in the Widget Area
10. Remember to press Save.

 Voila! The social media widgets are on on your BookLikes blog page.

Happy writing!