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Update: Explore BookLikes when works are on

You've probably already noticed that the book search and the dashboard load don't function as they should. For the couple of days some of the BookLikes features came to a halt. The interruptions are temporary and all the functions will be tuned on again as soon as possible. We've also noticed that the problems are inconsistent and vary depending on the browsers. If you can, please do check your BookLikes on your other devices and retry on other browsers.


The repair works will be continued for the next several days and this means that BookLikes will have limited options during the upcoming weekend. We're really sorry for the inconvenience. We'll do all to make your BookLikes experience pleasant and valuable, regardless of the temporary obstacles. And, we cannot thank you enough for your support and contribution. This means a lot to all of us.


We are people of bright minds and happy hearts and we believe the solution will come quickly. What's more, we think something good can come out of this situation.


Yes, it's a good time to grab a book. Yes, it's a good time to go for a walk. But it's also a good time to explore BookLikes. People are full of habits and you probably have the same drill for BookLikes every time you visit the page. Now it's the opportunity to visit the BookLikes pages that maybe haven't been visited by you for a while.


Please note that the book pop up and +Post and +Shelf buttons are active. This means you can add and review the books when you click on the book cover. For reviewing books, please do check our recent post where we share review writing tips and seven BookLikes places where you can add a book to your shelf and write a review.


It's good time to go over your list of Followers and Followings (menu->Friends) and visit their blogs. You can look through your BookLikes friends, follow the ones who you've missed, find and invite new ones.



You're probably used to read the majority of posts on your Dash but with the limited Dash load it's hardly possible now (one more time sorry!). You can still view the writings, reviews and other posts on the public blogs where you can like, reblog and comment the articles. Just click the blog title. When you spot a book you like, click the cover and you'll be moved to a book page where you can add it to your shelf, add a text and view the BL community reviews.


It's also a great ideal to review the bloggers' shelves. Many bloggers use the thematic shelves to keep their library well organized so it's really easy to find the reads perfect for you, the book series you love or written by authors you appreciate.



If you still don't know whether to follow a new blogger or not, you can also compare the books. Click the stats icon on the blog page to view your books in common.

Note: If you're missing some graphs on the compare page they will get back once the works are done.


Instead of Dashboard, use the Explore page and Book catalog.

Explore (main menu->Explore) is a shortcut for the recent BookLikes activity. You can look over the Meet BookLikers sections, select language filter or the genre. To visit the blog or read full post click the blurb. 



Book catalog (main menu->Book Catalog), on the other hand, will show you an overview of the bookish picks by the BookLikes community. We're sure that once you look through the reviewed, bookshelved, wishlisted, read and rated books your TBR pile will just grow up high. Remember that you can +Shelf and +Post any book, just click the cover. 



If you crave for more books, visit the Giveaways page (main menu->Giveaways) and enter to win some brand new titles. Or add one of your own.



Other bookish places worth visiting include Discussion rooms, where you can join or create a group. You can also join one of the Book clubs, pick a Daily Deals and shelve a collection of books from the Reading lists.



We sincerely apologize for the ongoing situation and the reappearing interruptions. All updates regarding the issues will be posted in the comment section below and in the Bug report thread